Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Hard work duly rewarded

HUGE congrats to Charles and Ali on their well earned stripes on Monday night, both guys are a credit to Wimbledon BJJ and Fight Sports London...


Monday night's class

Monday night was back to the drawing board after the competition on Sunday, with a thorough debrief of events that occurred on the mats; things we did well were commented upon and things not so well were also looked into, with ways of improving them, which is of benefit to all students.  This type of instructor feedback plays an important part in the coaching process and makes the instructor look hard into the mistakes made in competition and then look for solutions to make sure they don't happen again, so in turn, everyone at the club has the chance to improve their own training.

A very productive session indeed, with lots of things to drill out and put into practice in the specifics portion of each class, then apply it in live rolling; always a constant flow of structured improvement, more of the same this evening, looking forward to it!


Street Fighter 2 event

Had a great day out at the Street Fighter 2 event at Dartford Judo Club on Sunday; two students competed on the day, Charles and Ali and Charles came away with a gold in his weight division and a silver in the absolute division.  Charles is the epitomy of Old Man Jiu Jitsu, aged 58 years and fighting people young enough to be his sons and grandsons!

Ali was making his competition debut and had a really good first fight and succumbed to an arm bar four minutes in to the fight; what makes this fight more remarkable is that Ali is profoundly deaf, so he really is on his own out on the mats, yet he fought really hard and pulled off a few things we've been drilling in class and he's only been trying for ten weeks, so lost more to come this remarkable young man.

I made my debut at black belt after a long lay off from competing against a seasoned competitor and sadly things didn't go my way, but it felt good to be back competing and look forward to competing again in the near future.

All in all, a good day out, a few medals in the bag and another great training camp under our belts, where everyone has improved, so it's time to go back to the drawing board, take on board things that happened in our fights and work hard to correct the mistakes we made and look forward to the next competition.


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Last night's class

Our last session before the competition on Sunday; all the hard work, shark tanks and rolling are over, it's been another great training camp, no new injuries for all competing, so it's time to rest up and get ready for action on Sunday...


Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Last night's class

Another busy turn out last night at Wimbledon BJJ, throwing in a little bit of self protection to mix things up a little...working a couple of moves from the double collar grab, techniques I've used many times on the doors, so I know they work...

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Saturday class

Bit of a quiet session yesterday but one of the most intense competition classes to date, everyone was pushed to their limits, myself included, with lots of specifics, rolling and shark tanks for everyone.

Very proud of the lads yesterday for the hard work they put in, no one gave in when the going got tough, a really productive class. Only two more sessions to go before the competition next weekend...

King of the Mat champion...

Had the pleasure of presenting the King of the Mat trophy to the winner in class yesterday...congrats George, it's your trophy to keep for a week and then tine to defend your title on the next one...