Monday, 2 March 2015

Triple gold at Munich Open!

Awesome result for London Fight Factory brown belt Luis 'AP' Gil at the weekend, where he bagged three gold medals, one in the gi division and two in the no gi (weight and absolute)! Two other LFF fighters medalled at the event, Darek with a silver and Lorenzo with a bronze.

Huge congrats to all three guys!

BJJ moves explained!

Here's a really cool article from Attack the back dot com, explaining how certain moves in BJJ came about.  Read this and amaze your friends with your new found knowledge :)

7th degree junior Black Belt!!

Here's a link to an article about a BJJ academy in Texas, affiliated to Carlos Machado, where the instructor there is awarding black belts to kids, with one kid being a 7th degree black belt!
A few days later, the website ran another article where Carlos Machado gave his support to the affiliate coach, which resulted in the website's head honcho, Guillaume Huni, receiving an email from a senior Australian Machado black belt (hint, hint) saying they may take legal action if they don't remove the piece from the website.
Stay tuned for more developments folks.........................

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Move of the week - Kurt Osiander!

Here's another helping of Kurt Osiander, showing a nice choke from a guard pass; be sure to practice this next time you hit the mats............

Kurt Osiander documentary!

Check out this awesome video from Stuart Cooper on the legend that is Kurt Osiander; expect funny stories and lots of profanities!


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Keep it clean guys!!

Here's an article everyone must read and take on board, you owe it to yourself and to your training partners. Staph and MRSA infections are deadly, just Google 'staph/MRSA infections' and see for yourselves............

Staph infection on the foot - no more spider guard for a LONG time!

Keep your body clean and your gi's even cleaner!!

Jiu Jitsu and the Mature Athlete by Steve Maxwell!

Check out this great article written by black belt Steve Maxwell, where he writes about training when you are over forty and some very good advice for the younger, stronger jiu jitsu students, when they roll with the older guys in the gym.
I'll be 45 this year and I'm nowhere near as strong and injury resistant as I was ten years ago and there is much in the article that I can relate to, both in my own training and when rolling with the younger, stronger athletes.
This is a must read for the older guys, but more importantly a must read for the younger, stronger guys.  Respect the fact that the older guys are still there on the mats doing their bit and cut them some slack when it comes to rolling.