Friday, 24 January 2020

Saturday class tomorrow

Looking forward to the first monthly Saturday class of the new year tomorrow afternoon 130pm sharp!

These sessions are invaluable for all the students, whether or not they compete; the more hours on the mats the better and tomorrow will be a session not to be missed as always, lots of shark tanks, specifics and rolling for everyone...

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Last night's class

Tantalisingly close to hitting the twenty mark this month, if only everyone turned up together on the night we'd be closer to thirty than twenty!  That said, I'm sure we'll be hitting and surpassing this number at some point in the year, in the mean time lots of hard work from everyone once again last night, as we prepare for competition in March at the Nova Grappling competition.

We have the bonus of an extra class on Saturday afternoon, so plenty more shark tanks and rolling ahead for everyone, it's a team effort, so everyone's input is great appreciated by all those competing in March.


The ladies of Wimbledon BJJ

One of my main goals teaching at Wimbledon BJJ, is to build up the number of female students at the club, as I feel that more women should be training Jiu Jitsu, as there are so many health and wellbeing benefits associated with it, as well as it being lots of fun, plus there's a great social side of membership for all the students to enjoy.

Over the years, the club has had women come and go, mainly due to visa issues, but now the club has two new female students who are local to the area, Jenny and Teri and they have gelled with the lads overnight and are putting the hours and hard work in with the lads and keeping them in check.

It's a real pleasure having them on board at the club and hopefully we can attract more women to the club once they see Jenny and Teri in team photos online.

Teri (left) and Jenny (right) with the Northern Monkey

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Euros Training Camp - Day 7

They say all good things come to an end and today marked the end of the Euros Training Camp at London Fight Factory. I missed the class yesterday having to wait in for contractors to turn up (three hours late) so I didn't want to miss the last session with Deninho at lunchtime today.

As always, an awesome class from Deninho, drilling some Judo takedowns before heading into the fun part of class...sparring!

I managed to get in a respectable six rounds with the guys in the photo below with Sharpey and Deninho jumping in for one last team photo and I will see how I am in the morning when I try to get my socks on, as to whether my body held up against these animals that reside at LFF :)

HUGE thanks as always to Luiz for arranging such an awesome start to the decade and to Deninho for all the awesome classes and to Maggie for the wicked seminar yesterday, lots and lots to take in and drill and sharpen up with monkeys tomorrow night and beyond.


Last night's class

The festive season is all but a distant memory here at Wimbledon BJJ, as we carry on preparing for the first competition of the year at Croydon Judo Club; the Nova Grappling event is a competition for white and blue belts only and for a number of monkeys, this will be their first taste of competition, but they have seasoned competitors at the club training up for the comp, so they will be looked after in the run up to the time when they step out into the middle and the fight is on...

Lots of hard work from everyone last night in class, whether competing or not, every training camp is a team effort; every student has something to add to the pot, regardless of how long they've been training.

More of the same tomorrow night...


Sunday, 19 January 2020

New black belt at LFF!

HUGE congrats to one of my regular training partners down at London Fight Factory, Aaron Neil, on his well deserved promotion to black belt today, at the start of the Maggi Grindatti was a pleasure and an honour to be there for such a momentous occasion and to train with Aaron throughout the seminar today.