Friday, 20 October 2017

GCP Episode 230 - Leo Vieira

Check out the latest GCP Podcast with Checkmat's one and only Leo Vieira :)


Thursday, 19 October 2017

More stripes

Massive congrats to Ady and Billy, aka Dad and Lad, who were duly rewarded for their hard work and dedication last night; awesome achievements all round to all the guys that earned their stripes this week, the club continues to grow and progress in the right direction and looking forward to the first batch of blue belts to hit the mats :)


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Stripes night

Hard work pays off..........huge congrats to the lads last night who were awarded stripes at the end of class. The veterans in the middle of the photo are still hanging in there, giving the young guns a run for their money and on the outside, two students get their first step on the ladder to enlightenment. Congrats once again to you all, it's an absolute pleasure to teach you guys.

Arm Drag Wing Chun Style

The arm drag is one of my all time favourite moves, both for Sport Jiu Jitsu and when I'm at work on the doors; it is a portal to a world of pain and misery when used against a drunken idiot at work and a great way to close the distance and score a takedown in a grapppling match.

In this video, my good friend Mick Tully, a Wing Chun instructor and BJJ purple belt, demonstrates an arm drag at the Wing Chun Gathering run by Ade Rhodes of Warrior Wing Chun.

You can subscribe to Mick's channel on You Tube at World of Martial Arts Television.