Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Grapple Kings and BAIN!

Great class last night, everybody training hard, as we start to switch up a gear, as a couple of No Gi competitions loom on the horizon, more about these comps in a later post.

Was repping the Grapple Kings Gi last night and the Gi also has added submission protection from a cool BAIN patch, thanks to the Harj Bains and the team; this Gi is one their earlier production runs and am looking forward to giving one of their new Gi's a thorough road test both here at Checkmat Wimbledon and London Fight Factory.

BAIN info - www.bainstore.com 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Children of Ezekiel!

I am now a Child of Ezekiel!

Thanks to my sponsors at BAIN for this awesome tshirt, really top quality and with an awesome design, will be dishing out some Ezekiel pain tonight in class :)


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Checkmat Wimbeldon on the BJJEE.com website!

Huge thanks to Guillaume Hume for sharing the video of my student in action :)


Putting theory into practice............

Here at Checkmat Wimbledon, I try and give my students the best tools to help them in competitions and more importantly, to give them the upper hand in a live situation. In this video is one of my students on duty at work, dealing with a drunk and aggressive individual. Beautifully executed takedown (banned in IBJJF), then straight to mount (four points IBJJF) to nullify the aggressor. 

I cannot say how proud I am of this guy, putting theory on the mats into real life practice and that he has the skills and the confidence to defend himself in such a professional manner. Oooosssss

Monday, 13 February 2017

Northen travels

Was great to catch up with a couple of my old students at the weekend, visiting sunny Runcorn and meeting up with purple belts Alex Cannon and Chris Lewis; both trained with me at the start of their journey and got to blue belt and now they have joined up with Arlans Siqueira and are now running a very successful outfit, with their students tasting success on the competition circuit.

Alex and the team went out of their way in looking after me and it was a pleasure to share the mats and get back to see old friends; it's very nice to see some of my old students keeping up with their training since I moved to London and I know they'll be in very safe hands with Arlans and his team.
 Also like to give a shout out to my good friend Ki Oni, who was in the area and dropped in to support the seminar, very much appreciated and humbling indeed.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Checkmat Wimbledon in the news!

Once again, huge thanks to Martin Voller from SW Londoner, who visited the club last week and put together a short video of the club, outlining its aims for the coming year. It's very much appreciated from both myself and my students and great publicity for the club and we look forward to carrying on working with the SW Londoner throughout the year.