Monday, 30 May 2016

Lunch time class @ London Fight Factory!

No rest for the London Fight Factory posse, no days off for the dedicated, as we continue with the momentum of preparing for upcoming competitions over the next few months; Luiz delivered a killer specific based class this afternoon, with the mats packed with over forty warriors, all working hard and sharpening the iron.

Looks like another hard week ahead down at Ebenzer St, just the way it should be!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Valmyr Neto @ London Fight Factory!

Had an awesome No Gi session today, with a surprise guest instructor, in the shape of Valmyr Neto, who delivered a masterclass on the butterfly guard position; as you walk down the steps into the lair of LFF, one never knows who is going to be coming through the doors and as always, a massive thanks to Luiz for arranging this awesome surprise.

I really learned a lot today about the butterfly position and Neto showed a classic sweep and gave everybody a number of slick options and submissions to play around with, before putting theory into practice and thus rounded off for me, an awesome week of training at LFF.

As most of you know I've had trouble with a lower back injury and for now, everything seems to be OK and I've managed hard training all week and still managed to get out bed and put my socks on unaided.

Rest day tomorrow and back at the coal face on Monday, with a monster session with Luiz in the afternoon and my regular Monday session in the evening.

It's what Bank Holidays are made for - Ooooossssss!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Friday lunch time class @ LFF!

The end of the week draws to an end and everyone has got that Friday Feeling in the gym, plus the fact the weather is nice and warm and it's a Bank Holiday, so what better way to enjoy the afternoon than by getting a Gi on and hitting the mats in today's lunchtime Open Mat session.

It really is the calm before the storm, as the Saturday 2pm class really rounds the week off, and tomorrow the session is No Gi, as we all prepare for the British Nationals No Gi event. 

As I bade Luiz farewell this afternoon after the class, he told me to be prepared for a total wipeout in class tomorrow afternoon, that's it's gonna be out of this world tough. So, no change there then!

Thanks to Fabio, Joao and Slavimir for being excellent training partners today, with plenty of good technical rolls and some awesome drills from Fabio. Thank you all :)

Eddie Bravo Invitaional 7 - Full Card

Here's the full card for the seventh instalment of the Eddie Bravo Invitational on July 16th, which will see a new featherweight champion; the event has Baret Yoshida in the line up, flying the flag for the Masters and Seniors at the highest level. 

Go Baret!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Rules of BJJ & Grappling Competitions

A must see video and reference tool from Nig Gregoriades, explaining the rules of BJJ and Grappling events, covering the IBJJF rules and regulations; excellent production, clear and concise information and explanations from Nic.

Reading the rule book with over thirty pages isn't everybody's cup of tea, so making a video like this is an enormous help for athletes and coaches alike, which gets across all the key points and technical details.

Great work Nic and the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood!


Last night's class

Another busy class with lots of hard work and sweat from everyone on the mats, as we went through another competition class, focussing on takedowns, with plenty of drills and rolling time.

Huge thanks to Magda for coming over last night and filming the session for a short promo film,as well as taking action shots throughout the evening, look forward to seeing all these real soon.