Saturday, 16 September 2017

Member of the UKBJJA

I am proud to announce that Checkmat Wimbledon is now a member of the UKBJJA :)


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Caio Terra at London Fight Factory!

Caio Terra was back at LFF last night and delivered a masterclass on the half guard and wrestling coach Jacob Harman was also in the building and took the no gi class, before Caio hit the mats.


Saturday, 2 September 2017

How to open a tough closed guard

Here's a video from Stephan Kesting, offering a way of opening a tough closed guard, something that I've been teaching in class the last few weeks, so I thought I would share the video with you lovely readers. 


GCP Episode 215 - Draculino

Thursday, 24 August 2017

GCP Episode 213 - Kurt Osiander

Check out the latest monthly podcast with the always outrageous Kurt Osiander :)


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Leo Vieira in as ADCC Superfight replacement


GCP Episode 212 - Enson Inoue

GCP Episode 211 - Rose Gracie

GCP Episode 210 - Kenny Florian

Playing catch up with my posts after my holiday, so here's three podcasts from Ryan Ford over at Grappling Central Podcast...................


Back from the sunshine!

Just returned from two weeks in the sun, recharging my batteries and getting some much needed warmth to my aching muscles; after a much needed break I'm back teaching this evening and I'm looking forward to getting back onto the mats with my students.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Last night's class

14 mat rats twisting up fools last night :) 

Brilliant session as always, showcasing a brutal clock choke from side control and finishing off a RNC without having to break a sweat :) 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Old School Red Belt!

Rickson Gracie got his red belt this month, which is awesome; however, a little known fact is that I was a red belt waaaaay back in 1999 in LA. Sorry Rickson old bean, looks like I beat you to it :)

Leo Vieria HL reel

With the news that Leozinho is making a return to competition, here's a cool HL reel to show you what the man's all about and what he's going to bring to the competition.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Last night's class

Solid session last night, sixteen Jiu Jitsu addicts getting their Monday night fix :)

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rickson Gracie on Invisible Jiu Jitsu

'The invisible aspect of jiu-jitsu for me by far the greatest and the most interesting. Because it is not based on what I see it. It is based on how I feel it. That’s why it is invisible. It’s not about seeing. You may see the same guard position, but you feel different if you put pressure here, if you lie a little more here. So the invisible results are the ones that really please me because they are the ones that I really deeply felt you know? That’s what I try to promote is the capacity once you have to have to develop their own sensitivity for what is invisible.

Balance for example is invisible because it has to be connected with my opponent’s energy. If you push me I have to have my balance based on that push. And if you pull me I have to shift everything and be able to keep my balance on that pull.So it is an invisible deal of adjustment and weight distribution and connection which has fused the purpose of feeling the pressure or adding pressure or escaping from the pressure or keeping the control or whatever is the position.

But for me you saw about those details which makes amazingly different a sense of “Wow man! Now I can feel.” And when the students say to me “Wow man, I understand now!”…wow its not about the visible, what is visible. But is how you feel it and you know it’s experience man which keep me in the game because I love to give that feeling of the students feeling what is supposed to be impossible but based on the invisible aspect you say “Wow! That’s simple.” 

And that’s amazing man. It’s a special feeling.'

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Cyborg at London Fight Factory!

Great fun today with the legend that is Cyborg at LFF this morning; as always, HUGE thanks to Luiz for arranging this and bringing the best of the best to the gym. 

Next on the list to appear at the gym are Terere, Rafael Lovato Jr and Caio Terra, so an action packed Summer ahead!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Last night's class

Another busy session last night, even with a good half dozen missing either through pesky injuries or enjoying holiday sunshine; still covering the techs from the Comprido session and looking forward to the weekend, where I will be at LFF, enjoying another session with the legendary human being Cyborg. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

The different belt systems used in BJJ

A very interesting article over on the website, that highlights a number of different belt systems used by different organisations and Grand Masters. If you think it's just the IBJJF association that holds the monopoly on belt systems, then you need to read this article.


Old Skool Pressure Pass

Gotta keep it Old Skool!


Berkut 6 - full card!

The event will be held in Moscow on July 16th and features two weight categories, 60K and 65K and is STACKED with grappling legends, including Leo Vieira, who makes a return to elite level competition. 

Check out the brackets:-

60 kg division: 

Samir Chantre
Milton Bastos
Laercio Fernandes
Rafael Barata
Isaac Doederlein
Joao Miyao
Tomoyuki Hashimoto
Mayko Araujo

65 kg division: 

Augusto Mendes
Osvaldo Moizinho
Kim Terra
Paulo Miyao
Nicholas Welker Araujo
Gabriel Marangoni

Leo Vieira

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Great Grappling video!

Here's a cool video from my good friend Jeremy Arel from across the pond :)


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Katagarenzo? Game changing details on Katagatame (Head/Arm Triangle) with Renzo Gracie

Sneaky Americana set up with Renzo Gracie!

Moving slower as an Old Man does not make you lazy!

Here's an interesting video from Chewjitsu, talking about the need to slow your game down as you get older, making the young guns fight at your Old Man pace. That does not mean us Old Men are lazy, hell no, we're slowing you young bucks down enough, so that you'll get impatient to move fast and in doing so, will make a mistake and fall into one of our many deadly Old Man traps - mwahahahaha! 



The Mermaid Sweep with Comprido

After the excellent session with Comprido at London Fight Factory, here's a cool video of Comprido demonstrating the Mermaid sweep. Enjoy!


Leozinho back competing!


Monday, 12 June 2017

Comprido at London Fight Factory!

Huge thanks to Luiz Ribeiro for organising a masterclass with Comprido on Saturday; I remember reading about his competitions way back when I was a white belt, so it was awesome to finally meet a real legend of the sport.

Guard passing old school style was on the menu and I came away with a few tips and game changers to add to the way I like to pass guard and of course to pass on to my students in class.

The next big treat for us at LFF is a three day training camp with Cavaca at the end of the month and with a three day training camp with Cyborg in July, Summer 2017 is really shaping up to be a scorcher!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Birthday session!

Last night there was cake and stripes at Checkmat Wimbledon :) 
Huge congrats to Jan and Georgie on their stripes, awarded after a killer competition class and there was cake all round to celebrate the club's third birthday, well earned by all the students :)
Thanks to all my students, past and present for all their support and hard work, week in, week out, who have helped shaped the club and made it what it is today. Here's to the next birthday and beyond!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Happy birthday Checkmat Wimbledon!

Checkmat Wimbledon was three years old yesterday :) 
My first class had just four people and am proud to say that two of these guys are still with me now and have been with me since day one, sharing the journey Ron Roy and Farhaz Mussa. My old student from Bolton Nick Briely turned up to support the session and my good friend Nayden Naydenov terrorised everyone at the gym, before he had to relocate for work.
The club now has 25 members, not huge for London clubs, but we are slowly getting there and I want to thank all my students for all their loyalty and dedication to training, for without these guys, the club would cease to exist. 
Thanks to Dickie Wilkinson and Stephen Dixon for all their help and support at Holistic Fitness, Luiz Manxinha Ribeiro for all his help and mentoring over the years, Neto Nunes and Marcelo Mineiro Bonani for all their help and coming over to teach classes, all my brothers and sisters at LFF for all the great training, Chico Mendes for his awesome seminar at my gym, Colin Nwadike and the Croydon Massif for supporting the club and last but no means least, my long suffering partner and BJJ widow Emma Brown for all her support and more importantly, helping me get my socks on in the morning and helping me out of bed and listening to me moan and whine when class numbers are low :) :)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Stripes for the lads!

HUGE congrats to the lads last night, who received stripes on their belts :) Some of these guys have been with me from the first ever class and all have shown dedication and commitment to training and are all fine human beings. I think they are just about managing to understand my heavy Northern accent too :) #wearecheckmat #hardworkpaysoff

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Stripe for Liam!

Last night, it gave me great pleasure in awarding young Liam his first stripe on his white belt.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Gold at the LFF Interclub!

Had a great time at the 4th LFF Interclub yesterday, watched some awesome displays of Jiu Jitsu; took one of my students down to compete in his first comp, young Liam of only 16 summers. 
He competed in the Adult Superfeather division and came away with the gold medal! Liam has only been training seriously for two months, to say I am a proud coach is an understatement. Liam was fighting against guys over ten years older, which just goes to show that the adage 'just do it' is really not a tired old cliche. To all you BJJ'ers out there umming and aahing about whether to compete, saying you're not ready and all the other excuses, well, like I just said...................JUST DO IT!

Thanks to Luiz Ribeiro and all the team for organising an awesome event and big shout out to Danny Anderson who bonded with my good self in the morning over the woes of severe lower back pain :)

Friday, 28 April 2017

Back at LFF!

Great to be back at LFF this afternoon, with one of my old students from up North, who is now living down in London; great session and great to catch up with Lorenzo, Tiago, Aaron, Enrique, Slavimir and Mineiro :)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Avoid the Mc Dojo!

Chico Mendes at Checkmat Wimbledon!

A big day yesterday for Checkmat Wimbledon, as we hosted our first seminar; Chico Mendes​​ came over to a very sunny SW19 to deliver a No Gi guard passing masterclass. A number of guys at the seminar are competing in No Gi events in April and May, so this was not to be missed. 

Chico went over guard passing with a fine tooth comb, with lots of concepts and drills, with everyone coming away from the session with something to add to their bag of tricks. 

Huge thanks to Paul Severn​​ for supporting the event and bringing Chico over and Tiago Valente and Colin Nwadike​​ and the Croydon team for their support too. Not forgetting Luiz Manxinha Ribeiro​​ for his continuing help and support in making this happen :)


Monday, 20 March 2017

Checkmat crowned Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Champions!

Awesome result for the Checkmat family, dominating both the IBJJF and UAEJJF competition circuits!


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Huge win for Andy De Vent at ACB 54!

HUGE congrats to my old mate from up North Andy De Vent who won his MMA fight last night at the ACB 54 event in Manchester, with a brutal KO win over Danny Mitchell!

Next stop, UFC???

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Keep it in the family!

There's Dad, lad, cousin and nephew all in this photo :)


No Gi Mayhem!

Another busy session last night, with lots of hard work and sweat from everyone on the mats; really pushing the guys that are competing next month, with plenty of specifics and shark tanks, with 100% commitment from everyone last night. The guys that aren't competing are stepping up and pushing the lads hard every session, so it's a win/win situation for everyone, as they all improve their Jiu Jitsu :)


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

No Gi Armageddon!

We now have two competitions to prepare for, which will be our first dip into the world of No Gi events; we will be entering the English Open in April and the Southend Open submission only event in May. 

Four guys are competing so far and were put through some harsh specifics and some brutal shark tanks last night; I've only got these guys twice a week so I have to push them hard, plus they will hopefully be getting in extra classes at LFF to help them get ready for WAR!!

Lots of hard training ahead for everyone at the club :)

Mean Streets Seminar Review!

I went back to my roots on Sunday just gone, attending the Mean Streets Seminar hosted by Russell Jarmesty at his gym in Atherton; Russell had put together the best of the best into one room and delivered a seminar that was tailored to give people the skills to finish live situations FAST! No bullshit. No nonsense. Just seriously pressure tested techniques that have been forged on the doors and on the streets in live situations time and time again.

On the seminar, the guest instructors were Jimmy Kelly, Scott Caldwell and Trevor Roberts, as well as Russell, all of which need no introduction, their reputations and pedigrees speak for themselves and for the next four hours, the seminar attendees were given masterclasses in the art of destroying anyone that stands in your way.

All the drills and techniques taught were designed to get the job done fast, with no messing about and absolutely no rolling around on the floor, the most contact with the floor was one knee at best and if you did end up on the ground, back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Jimmy Kelly started the afternoon off with a thorough warm up and a large number of grappling drills, starting off slowly, then working up the pace and intensity, before going into a number of ways of taking some one down from throat grabs, yet remaining on the feet as you carried them out.  Jimmy said these were basic techniques, but these were moves I've been using on the doors for many years; basics when applied properly and after many hours of drilling and pressure tested are all you need, remember we're not here making daisy chains.

Trevor Roberts followed Jimmy and progressed from Jimmy's teaching, moving into the nitty gritty of close contact grappling, when you have to go shit or bust, as Trevor is wont to say; there was much eye gouging and fish hooking, generating that head movement and of Kuzushi, breaking  your opponent's balance, all important in live situations, which is essential to get a guy on their toes and then into the concrete as hard and fast as possible.

Scott Caldwell was next and gave the group a taste of his teaching methods and concepts, which starts from an initial step forward into the aggressor, covering with an upward elbow to protect the face and the other hand trapping, before moving off to the side and unleashing hell.

Scott really ramped up the pace in his session, as he spoke about the need for intent and absolute conviction when applying these moves, which was mirrored in the partner drills, which progressed to as full on pressure testing as you can get, culminating in group pressure testing drills, in groups of four of five, with one guy in the middle having to react to each guy's attack and getting them to the floor as quickly as possible.

Russell rounded off the session with a look at pain compliance, both on the aggressor and on the victim, with a lot of emphasis on the ways fights start and how to use verbal cues to switch on and get to work.  Arm drags and face bars are Russell's favourite moves and he showed lots of ways of getting into an arm drag position, which made way for the bone crushing pain of the face bars and these were put into practice with some great drills.  Dealing with throat grabs and psyching out your attacker rounded off the session and I'm sure most of the people that atteneded the seminar will now have a nice reminder of the day everytime they swallow some food or drink.

Huge congrats to Russell again for organising a hugely informative seminar, there was lots of energy in the room on the day from everyone who attended.  In addition to a great day of  training and on a more serious and humbling note, all the guest instructors generously donated their fees to help fellow martial artist Anthony Pillage in his fight against cancer. Anthony is undergoing intensive holistic treatment to help him in his fight and monies from the seminar, the guests fees and money raised from a raffle on the day, as well as donations from all who attened, also went to Anthony. Anthony was present at the seminar and gave a quick speech thanking everyone for their generosity and this week embarks on his treatment regime in London. From everyone at the seminar, we all wish you the best with your treatment.

I myself had a really great time catching up with Trevor and sharing the mats with him once again and in finally meeting Russell, Jimmy and Scott and am really looking forward to the next seminar, sharing the mats with some really great martial artists and now friends, which is what it's all about.