Monday, 28 April 2014

Double silver at the Manchester Open!!

Massive congrats to Lee Jones and James Charlton on their recently acquired silver medals at the Manchester Open over the weekend.

All the hard work on the mats, the sacrifices and injuries picked up along the way have been duly rewarded; to the guys that didn't medal on the day, your time will come, just keep training!

This also applies to all the Combat Base brothers and sisters that competed at the weekend and lost matches, one day you will be the hammer. 

HUGE well done to everyone from CBUK who competed, as we came out number one on the leader board beating Checkmat by a cool seven points, a truly awesome achievement!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Warrior Collective!

Check out this tutorial video, filmed by the guys from Warrior Collective last week; we shot four videos in total, with loads of photos and video footage of the lads rolling, so be sure to keep an eye out for these videos on their Facebook page, 'Warrior Collective.'

There's a whole lot more videos from other prominent BJJ instructors on their group, so take a look and learn some new techniques on your lunch break :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Licence to kill..............

Found this small collection of martial arts licences from back in the day when your skills were deemed so lethal, that a licence was needed, so that you could show to your attacker as he demanded money with menaces at the cash machine/kebab shop that you were indeed a bad ass and perhaps they went about their way and picked another not-so-lethal individual.

Back in the day, when legend had it that you had to warn your potential attacker and ne'er do well three times of the fact that you are a walking death machine, before unleashing a nemesis about their person (if you was an 'orrible cant', just like Bricktop, even better). 

Oh yes, they were wild and dangerous times back then; possession of a martial arts licence was an intoxicating feeling of power and superiority, not afforded to everyone that walked the streets of their home town.

As you can see, I have six licences, the oldest one dating back to 1990; six times the power to strike down my foe with but a single Dim Mak Death Touch........................

You have been warned..............

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Stripes for the lads!!

Huge congrats to all the lads at the gym on their recently acquired stripes on their white belts; all the hard work on the mats, the hours and hours of drilling and rolling is starting to pay off, I'm proud of you all, well deserved all round.
James Charlton - 3 stripes
As Jeff Glover said, 'drillers makes killers............'
Karl Gregory (l) 1 stripe, John Corcoran and Ross Thomasson - 3 stripes

Next stop blue belt!

Dave Nightingale (l) 2 stripes and Krishnan Chauhan - 3 stripes