Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone out there in Blog land a very merry Christmas and as always, an injury free New Year!!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Technique of the week with Jeremy Arel!

Been snowed under with work this month, so haven't been able to post as much as I'd like; with a few minutes to spare, I thought I'd share a cool video from good friend Jeremy Arel, who keeps churning out top notch, technical videos for everyone to share and enjoy and of course, drill out in class :)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Book review - Mario Sukata’s Definitive Guide for Mixed Martial Arts

In our ever increasing digital age, for someone born in the 70’s, it’s always nice to be able to pick up a book and read about something.  I’m all for online resources and apps for this and that when you’re on the move or sat on a long train journey, but there’s nothing quite like picking up a book and having a good read.

Mario ‘Sukata’ Neto and Gary Savage have teamed up to produce a book on MMA, offering an insight into the training methods that have made Sukata a household name on the MMA scene. I have known Gary since the beginning of BJJ in this country and beyond into the misty realms of Traditional martial arts.  I first met Mario when the Wolfslair first opened its doors, where the club held a no gi comp which I entered and ended up mixing it with the likes of Shane Rigby, Tom Blackledge, Chris Brown, Antonia Silva, Scott Pickering, Rob Broughton, Paul Taylor and others and witnessed the epic finals fight between Shane Rigby and Barry the Bastard. 
'Barry The Bastard'

Since the early days I trained at the Widnes based gym in the morning pro MMA class and was lucky to meet the likes of Mike Bisping, Tom Blackledge, Cheick Kongo, Rob Broughton, Rampage Jackson and many more and took my students to the gym for MMA sessions with Mario on a Saturday morning.

I have first-hand experience of training with Mario at the gym and can attest that the man means business. When you step on the mat expect to be pushed to the edge and beyond, physically and mentally, as Mario expects nothing less than 100% effort from everyone.  When you’re training the in the morning pro MMA class, you’re running with the wolves and there are no easy rolls, especially when you have guys prepping for upcoming UFC fights.  Rolling with Mario is not a nice experience, the guy is a wrecking machine and very deserved of his nickname ‘Sukata’ (roughly translates to ‘car crusher’).
With Mario and Antonia at Wolfslair

The book is split into fourteen chapters and covers the following topics:-

·         Acknowledgements
·         Dedications
·         Foreword
·         Introduction
·         Getting started
·         Combat Conditioning
·         Striking for MMA
·         MMA takedowns
·         Groundfighting
·         The Guard
·         Side Control
·         Mount Attacks
·         Attacks from the Back
·         Leg Locks
·         Defence Strategies
·         Drill Bits
·         The Cerebral Fighter
·         The Final Round

The book checks out at 266 pages and is packed full of inspirational quotes from the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Rickson Gracie, Henry Ford, Dan Gable and others.  In each chapter there are various techniques with clear, easy to follow photos and text, with tips and pointers, front and reverse angle photos to help the reader get the most out of each technique.

Most instructional books give the reader lots of techniques to practice but not much on the defensive side of the sport.  It’s all well and good learning the techniques to get the win, but what happens if you end up on the wrong side of a guard or in mount, with your partner ready to rain down heavy leather?

In the defensive strategies chapter, Mario goes through defences from arm bar, triangle, defending the guillotine, options defending the rear naked choke, crucifix position, defending the Achilles lock, side control options and mount defence.  Lots to learn alone in this chapter alone.

The Cerebral Fighter chapter outlines the mind-set needed to be an effective and successful MMA fighter, coming from Mario’s own experience of cage fighting from around the world at the highest level.

The Drill Bits offers a varied selection of training drills specifically for MMA training, covering striking, clinching, wrestling and take down drills, close quarter drills and controlled sparring drills.

The techniques covered in the book offer a beginners guide to MMA and is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in beginning MMA training, as the book gives a very well rounded overview of the many components that make up the MMA jigsaw and paves the way for follow up books that cover intermediate and advanced training techniques and concepts.

The book is printed by Martial Arts Publishing, the ISBN number is 978095444642 and can be purchased through Amazon.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Move of the week - wrist lock with Fabio Santos!

Not been able to get to post on here since the grading day at LFF, so I am sharing a great video of red and black belt Fabio Santos covering the wrist lock from the closed guard and you might recognise his training partner too. I remember as a purple belt training with Gabriel Kitober and he wrist locks you for fun from the closed guard, it was a scary place to be when you rolled with him.  The submission is IBJJF legal from white belt, so add the wrist lock submission to your game and make your closed guard a place of bone crunching misery!

Watch the video and as always, drill out in class!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Grading Day at London Fight Factory!

Over 100 students filled out the mat space at London Fight Factory on Saturday 25th October, as Luiz Ribeiro gave out some well deserved belt promotions and stripes; seven black belts were on hand to help Luiz out with instruction after the belts were awarded, which included Neto Nunes, Mosquito, Bruno Matias, Sidney Silva and the legendary Terere.

After Luiz handed out the promotions, all attendees were given a free tshirt as a thank you from Luiz, which was a really nice gesture, the guy really is dedicated to all his students and their individual progression on the Jiu Jitsu path.

Black belt tuition followed, with each coach sharing a few techniques and I have learned an absolute killer spider sweep to arm bar, all thanks to Bruno Matias, a super heavyweight who moves like a feather weight, which is currently being drilled to death.  All the techniques shown were all high percentage moves, some of which I'd seen before and some I hadn't, all of them packed with tiny details to make them as efficient as possible, giving me some new material to drill at LFF and to pass on to my students.

All that remained was the ritual belt whipping and I am so glad I wasn't one the guys promoted as the gauntlet ran to over 100 students in a large U-shape on the main mat; blue belts had to walk there and back once, purple belts twice and brown belts thrice - Ouch!

Once the whipping had ended, Luiz wrapped up the day with a inspirational speech and we headed off to a local cafe for a few beers, rounding off what was an excellent day all round for everyone involved.

Thanks to Luiz for organising a truly memorable day, all the black belts for sharing their knowledge so freely and to a guy who I believe is nicknamed Hiccup for the photos that grace this post.



Had the extreme pleasure and honour of sharing the same mat space as the legendary Terere at the weekend, as London Fight Factory hosted their grading day and what a day it was! Seven black belts were on hand as Luiz awarded well desreved promotions and stripes to an absolutely packed house, with well over 100 students present.

More news about the grading day in the next post, just think this photo deserves its own post :)


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Old Skool SFUK Interview - Remco Pardoel!

If you are old enough to remember the good old days of SFUK, then here's an interview I did with my very good friend Remco Pardoel, one of many interviews I conducted with him over the years.

I was a lowly white belt at the time of the interview, just starting my journey along the BJJ path and just before I got my gig writing for the ADCC website and attending ADCC 2001. 

Happy memories indeed.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Real life benefits from training BJJ!

An interesting short article in Tatame off the BJJEE website, about the benefits of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the impact it has on daily life, coming from the mouths of the elite.

Read it, then go hit the mats!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Move of the week with Kurt Osiander - Scissor Sweep!!

You just can't beat the basics!!

For those of you that know me and have trained with me, you'll know my favourite sweep is the scissor sweep; I love to sweep high grade belts with this sweep, as many people criticise the sweep for being a white belt sweep and easy to defend sweep.  

I beg to differ. I think it's a high percentage sweep, I've been using the sweep way before I started training BJJ proper, I was taught the sweep by my Trad JJ coach Trevor Roberts and it's served me well over the years.

There's many variations to the sweep and here's Kurt Osiander's take on this two point phenonenom - enjoy!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Move of the week Part Deux - with Jeremy Arel!

Jeremy adds on to his deep half guard entry video with a sweep from DHG - watch, absorb and drill out in class!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy birthday to me!

44 years young today, still hitting the mats, albeit slightly twisted up thanks to my long time friend, Mr Back Spasm, but I won't let him beat me, just keep stretching and getting myself taped up again tomorrow, so all good!

To all the 40+ year old BJJ'ers out there, keep training and keep the young guns in line!!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Move of the week with Jeremy Arel!

Here's another great video from my BJJ brother across the pond in South Carolina, all about his entry into deep half guard.  Great attention to detail, something to drill out in class and I'm sure a follow up video of sweeps will soon follow..................

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Move of the week with Jeremy Arel!

Here's a really cool video showing how to finish a submission from one of my go to positions, as many of my students will testify.  Nice little details in the video that makes all the difference, so watch the video and go hit the mats and drill it out!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Super slick back take!

Check out this little gem from my good friend Hicham Hakam, one for your HL reel.........

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kinesiotape update!

After a much needed deep tissue massage last week, regular readers will be aware I had my first taping session last week; the aim of the treatment is to create space by lifting up my skin, which in turn lifts up the fascia and muscle and allows blood to flow into the space.  My lower back is so tight that there is no curve there and by creating space, blood can flow into the space, making it softer and easier to massage at my next session.

Once the tape is applied, there should be a natural bobble to it, which was absent last week, such was the tightness of my poor back; however, my therapist and I are really happy with the progress that has come from using the tape.  The skin is soft and supple and will respond much better to deep tissue massage and I am able to do my job at the weekend without needing a handful of painkillers.

I've had a slightly different taping to the last one, targetting one section of my lower back that is the most tightest in a bid to create space and get more blood flow into the area.  The erector spinae muscles have been taped again and I am looking forward to another weekend where I don't have to reach for the tablets.

Massive thanks to Sanna for the ongoing treatment, I will keep you posted on further treatment; anyone thinking of using Kinesiotape in their rehab, I give this treatment a massive thumbs up - give it a go!

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Ten Commandments of BJJ!

Read and digest folks!!!!

Warm up exercises - one to avoid?!

Interesting article from the boys over in Eastern Europe, one sure to cause much debate on the forums worldwide; I agree with the article coming from a sport science background, I've never liked this exercise, you see many beginners just flailing their legs around in the air, hardly good for the knee joint.

I'd like to hear your opinions on this exercise, so drop me a message and let me know if it's an aye or nay........

Friday, 5 September 2014

Triangle Athletics represents!

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world is very small, everybody knows everybody; in this digital age, it's easy to make friends with fellow gi addicts all around the world, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter bombarding you with like minded people they think you'll like or add.

I'm always making new BJJ friends and the other week, I made friends with Desi Saran from across the pond in New York via Twitter and Facebook; Desi is the owner and operator of Triangle Athletics and Desi was kind enough to send me over some stickers and a patch, which will be sewn onto a gi over the weekend.
Cool patch!
In Desi's words, 'I started my company in January 2014 because I love BJJ.  I got into kimonos over the past year and to me being able to express myself through design is an excellent way to contribute to the BJJ community.  My aim is to provide high quality gear, with clear design. I value my company and more importantly my customers.'

Best of luck Desi and thanks for the patch!


The power of the hook - Graciemag Issue 210 out now!

Check out the cool sweep from Flavio Almeida in this short promo......

Kinesiotape - 'back' on track!!

Many moons ago, back in the mists of time, in my Karate days, I injured my lower back in a warm up and suffered a massive back spasm, which comes back to haunt me every few years.  After years of trying to live with the pain and whilst a blue belt, I was finally referred to a physio, who gave me some very effective rehab exercises to use with Theraband bands which helped me immensely, exercises I still use today.

However, in February, I was meeting one of my old students in London and was getting the Tube, with my training bag over my shoulder and two large bottles of water moving around in the bag, causing the bag to move from side to side as I walked.

As I steped onto the Tube and put my bag on the floor, BAM! A full on, balls-to-the-wall back spasm, that dropped me to the floor in an instant, leaving me a twitching heap on the floor and all at rush hour.  

As Dirty Harry would say, 'swell.'

I managed to hobble out of the station to meet my friend and took the BJJ class which helped ease the muscles, but I was all twisted up from the spasm, drawing a crowd around me in the changing rooms it was that bad and since then, I've suffered with an extremely tight lower back and constant pain.  

A super stiff back, further exacerbated by working long hours on the doors at the weekend, leaving me unable to move, once I'd finally managed to get in my car and sit down; I also suffer with tight hip flexors, which is common in BJJ players from being in guard a lot and coaching from this position.  Add to the pot tight hamstrings and it's curtains for my poor lower back.

I've been able to teach and train in this time albeit not 100%, I can't run round the mats because of the tightness and pain and during rolling, if anyone mounted me, it's very hard to bridge and escape due to the tightness in my back.  Standing up after sitting down for any length of time was a torturous procedure and basically my life has been filled with cursing, bad moods and consuming my own body weight in painkillers whilst at work.  Not a great way to be to be honest.

There would be days when the pain and stiffness wasn't that bad and all thoughts of going to see a therapist went out of the window and the next thing you know, it's September and I've finally got my arse into gear and gone to see someone for a full overhaul on my back.

I didn't need a long assessment as my therapist Sanna took one look at my back and said 'yep, your lower back looks REAL tight!'  I've had many deep tissue massages and none of them have been a fun experience, but it was my body really needed so I lay on the mat, gritted my teeth and cursed away like there was no tomorrow.

I received the full works.  I gave Sanna the background on the injury, working long hours on my feet and no mercy was spared, deep tissue massage was exactly what I received on a grand scale. It hurt like hell, more torture than therapy, as she really went to work in a bid to loosen up a horrendously tight lower back and glutes.  After what seemed like an eternity on my stomach, I moved onto my back and work began on my hip flexors, which was a pretty gruesome affair, with much pain and copious amounts of profanities involved.

After the massage, a number of medieval deep stretches ended the session; the ordeal was over and I made my way to the shower to remove the oils on my skin, so I could be taped up.  Sitting up off the table I could feel immediate relief and walking over to the shower, there was an absence of tightness I hadn't felt since before the back spasm. 


After the shower, all that remained was the taping and in a few minutes the tape was applied and a few exercises were shown for me to use on my foam roller and baseball, to help stretch my lower back and to release the tension in my glutes.
The applied Kinesiotape
Kinesio tape is a thin and highly elastic therapeutic tape that is applied to dry skin and has can be applied all over the body; it can help improve posture, pain, muscle activity and helps speed up the healing up process and usually stays on for five days at a time.  The tape was applied on my back to help lengthen the muscles along the spine and to lift the skin up slightly to create space and allow blood flow into the lower back and aid mobility there.

I had my treatment yesterday and today I am walking around like a new man; there's no tightness upon getting out of bed and standing up, as well as when I get up from a sitting position.  I am not dreading the thought of going to work and standing in pain all night, so I am confident the tape will help me posturally over the weekend. The deep tissue massage and stretches definitely helped and although there's still a way to go before I get my lumbar curve back, I am pain free for the first time in months and eager to get back on the mats and start kicking ass again.

If any readers are injured right now, go and see a therapist! Don't put it off, think of it as money invested wisely, the body is the ultimate piece of engineering; you wouldn't drive a Ferrari into the ground, so don't do the same to your body, it's got to get you through the rest of your days both on and off the mats.

As Mas Oyama, the legendary and fearsome Karate master once said, 'a sickly body is of benefit to no one.'

On a final note, as I wrote this piece, I find myself hobbling about after reigniting an old foot injury, after rolling on Monday with a black belt.  You get one long standing injury on the right tracks only for another one to make an unannounced and unwelcome appearance.

Gotta love Jiu Jitsu!! have locations around London, I attended their Wimbledon venue and ask for Sanna.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Leave your ego at the door..........

Hands up those who've met guys like this; they still walk among us..................

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Harvest time - with Braulio Estima!

Another awesome video from the guys at Lapel Choke dot com.....................

Harvest the arms. Awesome!

Watch the video and became an Arm Harvester.....................

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Roleta Sweep Tutorial!

Who better than Saulo Ribeiro to give you a break down of this awesome sweep - watch and learn!

The Roleta Sweep - a masterclass in timing!

Check out this awesome match between two legends, Saulo Ribeiro and Roleta............

Thursday, 14 August 2014

How NOT to roll with a girl!

The Gym Douche is at it again.....................

David v Goliath!

Check out this video from the Bluegrass Open blue belt division!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

London Fight Factory - review!

Drillers make killers!

They say 'drill to win', there's even a book out there with those three little words; there's a lot to be said for and against on the practice of drilling, this article is in the pro camp, check it out...........

Planet BJJ!

If you're searching for a club in the far corners of the globe, planning your worldwide Jiu Jitsu tour, then look no further than

The site is the brainchild of Jack Wiltshire who has this to say about the website:-

'The idea first came to me when I was looking for a BJ club to train at when visiting Spain. I searched the web for ages and eventually gave up. So I created with the aim to become the biggest online resource for BJJ clubs. The need for such a system became apparent very quickly when hundreds of people took to the site to upload their club information; I proactively sourced information on clubs. 

It was only later that week, when I logged into the system to find a club had been added in the south of Spain right where I was going to be on holiday. Who'd have thought it? I actually found a place to train in when on holiday, on my own website.

Here is a list of things you can do on the site:

1. Add club listing
2. Rate a club
3. Search for clubs
4. Buy the PlanetBJJ Gi when it comes out, which is scientifically proven to improve your sex life.

So what are you waiting for folks?  Make sure you buy this Gi, your partner will be most pleased!

If you would like to get your club listed on the site, go to, or email

Monday, 11 August 2014

Move of the week!

Check out this cool sweep, courtesy of the guys at Lapel Choke dot com............

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Stop that pesky elbow in thigh!

It's pretty safe to say that some where in our early Jiu Jitsu days, we've been guilty of applying the elbows in the thighs of your training partner or competition opponent in a last ditch attempt to open their guard.  It's also safe to say that we've all had it done to us at some point.

I recall training at a gym in Rossendale, back in the mists of time, when I was a blue belt, with a very good friend from Uni; after a few rounds of rolling, the instructor, with grave seriousness, told us all it was time for 'pressure point sparring', which of course included elbow in thighs and pretty much elbows in every part of the body.  

Try it out in class sometime.

Happy memories indeed.

In a bid to combat this deadly guard attack, Stephan Kesting shows you a number of ways to counter, so watch and learn...........

A slice of BJJ history...........

A very interesting read on your Jiu Jitsu origins; had the pleasure of training with a student from the Fadda lineage, one Gabriel Kitober back when I was a purple belt. 

Something to read on your lunch break.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Takedowns 101.................

Study on this neat video from BJJ and Judo black belt Jay high %age two pointers every BJJ'er needs to know.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Get Chop Certified this weekend!

If you don't know already, Dustin 'Clean' Denes is back in the UK and on tour and will be in action on August 2nd at my good friend Ed Brown's gym in Crystal Palace.

The seminar is scheduled for the default three hours, but those in the know and/or are Chop Certified veterans, Dustin's seminars very rarely run to three hours; Dustin is no clock watcher, he is a taker of souls in order to get his teaching points and concepts across and the seminars are only over when Dustin says they're over.

There's already hushed talk about Dustin's seminars running for six hours on this current tour, exhausted bodies strewn all over the mats, so it will be interesting to see what carnage lies ahead at the weekend..................if you're going don't forget your Jiu Jitsu feet!

All details on the poster below.

Tickets available from

Rickson Gracie speaks to Budo Jake!

Four videos of pure Jiu Jitsu gold from the living legend that is Rickson Gracie, courtesy of BJJEE; speaking to Budo Jake on This Week in BJJ, Rickson discusses what invisible Jiu Jitsu is, his newly formed Federation and some tips to help you become a better fighter, be it sport Jiu Jitsu or street Jiu Jitsu.

Rickson speaks about one of the most basic moves, the upa and shows one adjustment to the technique that I'm sure every Jiu Jitsu guy on the planet will be drilling and trying out in sparring, the millisecond after watching the video.

When Rickson speaks, we listen.

Sadly the scissor sweep segment is missing, to which I am truly wounded, as many of you know that's my all time favourite sweep; let's hope it surfaces sometime soon.

Watch and learn!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Checkmat Wimbledon!

Check out the latest news on the London Fight Factory website.............

With Jackson Sousa (l) Luiz Ribeiro & Eduardo 'Teta' Rios

Caio Tera @ London Fight Factory!

Pix taken 23-7-14................

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What's good for Wal-Mart............ (Post #700)

Is good for Sports Direct!

You must have seen these individuals.

Sporting the most basic of Tapout designs, purchased for under a tenner from SD, strutting down the street; the complete epitomy of some one who has NEVER set foot in a cage or on a mat and clocked up any training time in their miserable lives.

Not a cauliflower ear in sight, beer and kebab juice down the front of their tops at the weekend on a night out, trying to muscle their way in to a pub or club, thinking that when a doorman espies the Tapout logo, that universal logo of bad ass-ery that now prevails in the modern day, said doorman will become weak at the knees and allow them swift ingress to their venue, for fear of a brutal takedown to ground and pound.

Trying hard to stifle the giggles as the doorman knocks the guy back, the knocked back bad ass spouts off at the doorman about how he's a 'UFC/cage/MMA fighter' and how he'll kick your ass fifty different ways, albeit from the safety of standing across the road, or as he walks off to the next venue, shadow boxing in between bouts of shouting.

Little does this one hit wonder realise that the doorman he's just abused, carries the night time radio and radios ahead to all the venues on the strip, informing them of the approaching Doom Merchant and steps back and watches the guy get knocked back from every venue, leaving him no choice to hail a cab, go back home and beat one out to UFC 1.

I love my job!

Eddie Bravo teaches rubber guard to Rickson Gracie!

Rubber guard supremo Eddie Bravo explains the rubber guard to Rickson Gracie............

'I'll sleep on it.' says Rickson.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jiu Jitsu Global Federation - website!

If you've been living in a cave the last few days, or your smart phone's died, you might be interested to read everything on this new website, plus a video from someone called Rickson Gracie, whoever he is.

I just hope the tournament fees don't take the piss like the IBJJF events...........

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kit Dale - Triangle!

Check out this cool vid from Kit Dale.........

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Do you wash your belt??

Ahh, the age old question rears its ugly head yet again - do you wash your belt?

Do you feel you wash away your skills and superhuman powers when you wash your belt? Does all the magic and spirit from everyone you've ever tapped leech away when you throw the belt in the wash at 40 degrees?

How do you feel about washing your gi? Much larger than your belt to trap your opponent's spirit after they've succumbed to your Americana or bow and arrow?  You can get so much more magic and hocuc pocus trapped into your single weave A1, 2,3,4,5 Destroyer of Fools kimono that you can in your belt.

Either way, here's another article to add to the ever growing heap of belt hygiene.........

Monday, 14 July 2014

Breaking news - new BJJ Federation!

My good friend Guillame Huni broke the news yesterday of Facebook and has followed up today with more exciting news.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Move of the Week - Kurt Osiander!

In this video, Kurt keeps it Old Skool, with a Gracie Zhoo Zhitsu arm bar!


Think you can fight???

Awesome short video of a 'street brawler' mixing it up with a Thai fighter...............

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Kurt Osiander's move of the week!

Check out this cool, super high percentage, escape from back control from the one and only Kurt Osiander..................drill this to death!!

Friday, 20 June 2014


Don't ya just love the guys at Bullshido? 

I've seen this guy before, but he's surfaced again on BJJ Eastern Europe, so thought I'd share this with you out there; just look at all his 10th Dan grades, there's even one in 'Mexed Martial Arts'!

For me however, the icing on the cake is his belt; just look at the width and length and all the tabs!!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fitness tips 101!

I've been included once again in a project from Supplement Centre on their Blog; it's 101 fitness tips and it's packed full of tips and advice from various health and fitness professionals.

I'm at #38 Pop Pickers :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Tips for white belts!

Here's some tips for all you white belts out there.

As Roy Dean would say, study on this.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cartwheels - not just for the playground!!

When was the last time you did a cartwheel in training?

In the playground? 

For many, the playground will have been the last time a cartwheel was carried out, but now in class, you find yourself having to do one in the warm up.

After a half arsed attempt and being laughed at from fellow students (who aren't much better, to be honest) you manage to get in two at the very least, taking as much time as possible to walk back to the end of the mats, desperately hoping not to go down the mat again.

Sounds familiar?

As a coach, especially after a bad day, I get my students to do cartwheels, just for my own amusement; whenever I ask for cartwheels, they are always accompanied by groans from the lads and many times they ask, 'what's the point of cartwheels?'

Well, watch this video and you'll see the cartwheel is your friend - they're not just for kids!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lasso guard submissions video!

Check out this cool video from good friend Moroccan black belt Hicham Hakam; full marks if you're fluent in French, don't let the language put you off, this is a nice little combo for you to drill on the mats. 

This is one of my favourite positions in Jiu Jitsu, which I discovered when I was living in Stockholm and training with Richard Bohlenius way back in 2003, when I was a blue belt. I say discovered, it was more a case of being swept and submitted for fun off Richard and the senior grades, but after a few weeks of being smashed, Richard shared with me his knowledge of this position and I've been using these gems ever since.

This position was all the rage back in 2003, just as the Berimbolo is for every white belt on the planet, but it's a postiion that's stil as deadly now in 2014 as it was back then eleven years ago.

Enjoy the video and let me hear from you if you hit these off in the gym or at a competition.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Knee Slice like Xande!

Watch this awesome video and learn how pass the guard like a bad ass!

Bernardo Faria - Beast Mode!

Check out this impressive match between Bernardo Faria and Braulio Estima at the 2014 World quarter finals in the black belt open class division.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Combat Base Bolton closes!

Combat Base Bolton closed its doors for the last time at the end of May; as an instructor, I've taken the club as far as humanly possible; issues outside the club that have a direct impact on the club, together with decreasing numbers at the gym, have made me realise it's time to bite the bullet and close the gym.

It's been an absolute pleasure teaching at the club and sharing the mats with some awesome individuals over the last few years, we've sure had some laughs along the way, as well as some great Jiu Jitsu.

I'd like to thank all the loyal guys and gals for training at the club and keeping it going as long as possible and I'm happy to hear you're all continuing training and enjoying your next chapter along the great Jiu Jitsu Journey.

The Blog will continue to operate, apologies for not posting for a few weeks, normal service has now resumed.

As for me, I'm not done with Jiu Jitsu just yet.......................

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

2014 IBJJF Rules Update Video!

Here's a great video from Budovideos, explaining three of the main rule changes for IBJJF competitions; the full updated PDF file will soon be added onto the IBJJF website.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Combat Base Training Day!

Another highly enjoyable Training Day was had on Star Wars Day (May the 4th, geddit?) at Mark Spencer's gym in Bradford, with plenty of money being raised for a very worthy cause. 

Three top class workshops, a blue belt Absolute division, training with a UFC star, cakes, raffles and catching up with old friends was the order of the day, great fun as always

Chief instructor Darren Currie has written an excellent account of the day and can be read here -

Ian Jones and Darren Currie
With Ryan Hunter
Spenna, the perfect host
Blue belt match
With The Gaffer, Helen Currie
With my very good friend, Darren Currie
Ian Jones gets his black belt
Darren, Helen, Ian and Danny Mitchell