Thursday, 31 May 2018

Stripes for the lads...

More long overdue stripes were awarded last night, as it's been difficult pinning these guys down all together in the same class and it was an ideal moment to award them on the busiest Wednesday class and with four blue belts on the mats too.

Congrats to you all, keep up the hard work :)

Awesome start to the training camp!

A record turn out for a Wednesday night at Checkmat Wimbledon, sixteen mat fiends in total and four blue belts made for an awesome start to the Surrey Open training camp, with three blue belts from London Fight Factory coming over and joining in the fun.

Huge thanks to Luiz for arranging the surprise visit, all the students loved training with the higher belts and are looking forward to more visits in the future.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A right Royal Rumble!

Here's some awesome footage of good old tear up between two lorry drivers in Mexico! No 50-50/worm guard nonsense here, just a balls to the wall scrap; inverting or pulling DLR isn't going to help you here. Don't be the guy on the bottom, always be the guy on top and get the headbutts in :)

What the video does show is the need to have good basic ground skills; using a frame and a shrimp to make distance and a technical get up to get you back on your feet are essential in a situation like this. When the guy went on the floor, he was head butted with ease, these could easily have been defended with Jiu Jitsu basics...

Never neglect the basics in training, they may one day save your life...

Surrey Open Training Camp!

The Surrey Open Training Camp starts tonight 815pm sharp!

The club have already attended three competitions this year, both Gi and No Gi and are all keen to get back onto the competition circuit; the event is on August 5th, so we have two months to get into beast mode and come back with some bling.

BJJ Digest #12 - Wolverine or Danaher?

What's your call on the innovator and creater of the modern leg lock game? Wolverine or Danaher?

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Monday, 28 May 2018

Goodbye Rachael...

Had another very enjoyable Saturday session and it was also the last class for one of my students Rachael, who is leaving London for the mean streets of Glasgow for new adventures...

From myself and everyone at the gym, best wishes for the future and keep on training!!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Last night's class

Had a lovely surprise drop in visit last night from one of my old students Graeme, flying in all the way from Calgary for one night only...was great to see you mate, have a safe flight back to Canada and keep training :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

GCP Episode 290 - Chris Martin

Last night's class

Great session last night, covering the stand up game, lots of hard work from everyone, as per usual; looking to get ready for our next comp in the not too distant future, a few comps have been mentioned, just need a day or two to get the nod from the guys and gals and it's another training camp on the horizon...

Guest class at Khalsa Karate...

Had a great time at the weekend, doing a guest session for one of my students, Satinder Sehra, who runs Khalsa Karate over at Kingston YMCA; the session was a mix of BJJ and old school wrassling techniques, with a healthy measure of pain compliance techniques to add to the fun and I had a great time showcasing the merits of grappling to a bunch of strikers, all of which were very open minded and a credit to their instructor.

Massive thanks to Satinder for inviting me over, I had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again some time soon :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Last night's class

Huge congrats to my well deserving students on their new stripes, awarded in class last night, the culmination of months of hard work in the No Gi and Gi training camps that have been going on since February.

Hard work pays off...

Monday, 14 May 2018

London Fight Factory Interclub!

Had a great day out yesterday at the 5th LFF Interclub, took five students down for a good old tear up and managed to bag a silver in the -70K white belt division, another medal for young George; a couple of students narrowly missed out on bronze medal fight offs, with some exciting matches and great displays of Jiu Jitsu all round from my students.

Huge thanks to Luiz as always, for organising a great day out and great to catch uo with all my LFF brothers and sisters, we all had a great time and looking forward to getting the team ready for our next competition...

Thursday, 10 May 2018

GCP Episode 288 - Rodrigo Antunes

New BAIN hoodie...

Huge thanks to Harj from BAIN for pimping up this awesome hoodie for me, it's going to be proudly worn to and from the gym and at comps and seminars throughout the year...

You can order yours at

Interclub Training Camp ends...

Last night was the last session before the Interclub at London Fight category this Sunday afternoon; it's been great fun getting the Gi's back on and getting used to the extra weight after having a No Gi training camp and it was good to get in an extra session at the weekend.

All the hard work and preparation has been done, all that's left is for everyone competing to turn up and give it their best shot, there'll be plenty of help and support from myself and other senior grades at LFF and I'm really looking forward to seeing my guys compete again.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Repping the brands...

Proudly repping the BAIN rash guard and the Grapple Kings Gi at the club, shortly before twisting up a large number of fools in class :)

All the gear from my sponsors are being used on a daily basis and are withstanding all the heavy sessions, whether it's a Gi or No Gi training camp; whatever the training camp throws at us all, I've got the best gear to handle the job and finish each session in style... for all your rash guards, t-shirts and hoodies and much more... for all your Gi's and training supplements...

GCP Episode 286 - Kurt Osiander