Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Grading Day at London Fight Factory!

Over 100 students filled out the mat space at London Fight Factory on Saturday 25th October, as Luiz Ribeiro gave out some well deserved belt promotions and stripes; seven black belts were on hand to help Luiz out with instruction after the belts were awarded, which included Neto Nunes, Mosquito, Bruno Matias, Sidney Silva and the legendary Terere.

After Luiz handed out the promotions, all attendees were given a free tshirt as a thank you from Luiz, which was a really nice gesture, the guy really is dedicated to all his students and their individual progression on the Jiu Jitsu path.

Black belt tuition followed, with each coach sharing a few techniques and I have learned an absolute killer spider sweep to arm bar, all thanks to Bruno Matias, a super heavyweight who moves like a feather weight, which is currently being drilled to death.  All the techniques shown were all high percentage moves, some of which I'd seen before and some I hadn't, all of them packed with tiny details to make them as efficient as possible, giving me some new material to drill at LFF and to pass on to my students.

All that remained was the ritual belt whipping and I am so glad I wasn't one the guys promoted as the gauntlet ran to over 100 students in a large U-shape on the main mat; blue belts had to walk there and back once, purple belts twice and brown belts thrice - Ouch!

Once the whipping had ended, Luiz wrapped up the day with a inspirational speech and we headed off to a local cafe for a few beers, rounding off what was an excellent day all round for everyone involved.

Thanks to Luiz for organising a truly memorable day, all the black belts for sharing their knowledge so freely and to a guy who I believe is nicknamed Hiccup for the photos that grace this post.



Had the extreme pleasure and honour of sharing the same mat space as the legendary Terere at the weekend, as London Fight Factory hosted their grading day and what a day it was! Seven black belts were on hand as Luiz awarded well desreved promotions and stripes to an absolutely packed house, with well over 100 students present.

More news about the grading day in the next post, just think this photo deserves its own post :)


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Old Skool SFUK Interview - Remco Pardoel!

If you are old enough to remember the good old days of SFUK, then here's an interview I did with my very good friend Remco Pardoel, one of many interviews I conducted with him over the years.

I was a lowly white belt at the time of the interview, just starting my journey along the BJJ path and just before I got my gig writing for the ADCC website and attending ADCC 2001. 

Happy memories indeed.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Real life benefits from training BJJ!

An interesting short article in Tatame off the BJJEE website, about the benefits of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the impact it has on daily life, coming from the mouths of the elite.

Read it, then go hit the mats!


Monday, 6 October 2014

Move of the week with Kurt Osiander - Scissor Sweep!!

You just can't beat the basics!!

For those of you that know me and have trained with me, you'll know my favourite sweep is the scissor sweep; I love to sweep high grade belts with this sweep, as many people criticise the sweep for being a white belt sweep and easy to defend sweep.  

I beg to differ. I think it's a high percentage sweep, I've been using the sweep way before I started training BJJ proper, I was taught the sweep by my Trad JJ coach Trevor Roberts and it's served me well over the years.

There's many variations to the sweep and here's Kurt Osiander's take on this two point phenonenom - enjoy!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Move of the week Part Deux - with Jeremy Arel!

Jeremy adds on to his deep half guard entry video with a sweep from DHG - watch, absorb and drill out in class!