Thursday, 27 July 2017

Last night's class

14 mat rats twisting up fools last night :) 

Brilliant session as always, showcasing a brutal clock choke from side control and finishing off a RNC without having to break a sweat :) 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Old School Red Belt!

Rickson Gracie got his red belt this month, which is awesome; however, a little known fact is that I was a red belt waaaaay back in 1999 in LA. Sorry Rickson old bean, looks like I beat you to it :)

Leo Vieria HL reel

With the news that Leozinho is making a return to competition, here's a cool HL reel to show you what the man's all about and what he's going to bring to the competition.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Last night's class

Solid session last night, sixteen Jiu Jitsu addicts getting their Monday night fix :)

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rickson Gracie on Invisible Jiu Jitsu

'The invisible aspect of jiu-jitsu for me by far the greatest and the most interesting. Because it is not based on what I see it. It is based on how I feel it. That’s why it is invisible. It’s not about seeing. You may see the same guard position, but you feel different if you put pressure here, if you lie a little more here. So the invisible results are the ones that really please me because they are the ones that I really deeply felt you know? That’s what I try to promote is the capacity once you have to have to develop their own sensitivity for what is invisible.

Balance for example is invisible because it has to be connected with my opponent’s energy. If you push me I have to have my balance based on that push. And if you pull me I have to shift everything and be able to keep my balance on that pull.So it is an invisible deal of adjustment and weight distribution and connection which has fused the purpose of feeling the pressure or adding pressure or escaping from the pressure or keeping the control or whatever is the position.

But for me you saw about those details which makes amazingly different a sense of “Wow man! Now I can feel.” And when the students say to me “Wow man, I understand now!”…wow its not about the visible, what is visible. But is how you feel it and you know it’s experience man which keep me in the game because I love to give that feeling of the students feeling what is supposed to be impossible but based on the invisible aspect you say “Wow! That’s simple.” 

And that’s amazing man. It’s a special feeling.'

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Cyborg at London Fight Factory!

Great fun today with the legend that is Cyborg at LFF this morning; as always, HUGE thanks to Luiz for arranging this and bringing the best of the best to the gym. 

Next on the list to appear at the gym are Terere, Rafael Lovato Jr and Caio Terra, so an action packed Summer ahead!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Last night's class

Another busy session last night, even with a good half dozen missing either through pesky injuries or enjoying holiday sunshine; still covering the techs from the Comprido session and looking forward to the weekend, where I will be at LFF, enjoying another session with the legendary human being Cyborg. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

The different belt systems used in BJJ

A very interesting article over on the website, that highlights a number of different belt systems used by different organisations and Grand Masters. If you think it's just the IBJJF association that holds the monopoly on belt systems, then you need to read this article.


Old Skool Pressure Pass

Gotta keep it Old Skool!


Berkut 6 - full card!

The event will be held in Moscow on July 16th and features two weight categories, 60K and 65K and is STACKED with grappling legends, including Leo Vieira, who makes a return to elite level competition. 

Check out the brackets:-

60 kg division: 

Samir Chantre
Milton Bastos
Laercio Fernandes
Rafael Barata
Isaac Doederlein
Joao Miyao
Tomoyuki Hashimoto
Mayko Araujo

65 kg division: 

Augusto Mendes
Osvaldo Moizinho
Kim Terra
Paulo Miyao
Nicholas Welker Araujo
Gabriel Marangoni

Leo Vieira

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Great Grappling video!

Here's a cool video from my good friend Jeremy Arel from across the pond :)


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Katagarenzo? Game changing details on Katagatame (Head/Arm Triangle) with Renzo Gracie

Sneaky Americana set up with Renzo Gracie!

Moving slower as an Old Man does not make you lazy!

Here's an interesting video from Chewjitsu, talking about the need to slow your game down as you get older, making the young guns fight at your Old Man pace. That does not mean us Old Men are lazy, hell no, we're slowing you young bucks down enough, so that you'll get impatient to move fast and in doing so, will make a mistake and fall into one of our many deadly Old Man traps - mwahahahaha! 



The Mermaid Sweep with Comprido

After the excellent session with Comprido at London Fight Factory, here's a cool video of Comprido demonstrating the Mermaid sweep. Enjoy!


Leozinho back competing!