Wednesday, 14 May 2014

2014 IBJJF Rules Update Video!

Here's a great video from Budovideos, explaining three of the main rule changes for IBJJF competitions; the full updated PDF file will soon be added onto the IBJJF website.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Combat Base Training Day!

Another highly enjoyable Training Day was had on Star Wars Day (May the 4th, geddit?) at Mark Spencer's gym in Bradford, with plenty of money being raised for a very worthy cause. 

Three top class workshops, a blue belt Absolute division, training with a UFC star, cakes, raffles and catching up with old friends was the order of the day, great fun as always

Chief instructor Darren Currie has written an excellent account of the day and can be read here -

Ian Jones and Darren Currie
With Ryan Hunter
Spenna, the perfect host
Blue belt match
With The Gaffer, Helen Currie
With my very good friend, Darren Currie
Ian Jones gets his black belt
Darren, Helen, Ian and Danny Mitchell

Friday, 9 May 2014

Old School Jiu Jitsu!

Another quality article from FAI, 1994 IIRC, from Graham Noble; great photos and not a Tatami or Koral gi in sight!!

Gary Spiers!

Had the privilege of attending a seminar with the late great Gary Spiers in Urmston back in October 1996; the guy was a treasure trove of information and had many, many tales of fighting and shenanigans from all over the world, as well as tales from his day in Japan. He took time to sign one of my copies of FAI and I had my photo taken with him, I look like a  proper chump, camera caught me at the wrong time lol

Prior to the seminar, Gary had a fall from a motorbike and had his leg in plaster but made the seminar anyway.  A real warrior. RIP. 

UFC - 1993!

Showing my age, but this magazine dates back to 1993 from my prized FAI collection, the best martial arts mag ever IMHO; it features a critique on the UFC by Tony Blauer and was one of the first articles in the UK about the UFC.  When was your first exposure to the UFC and all things Gracie?

Training Day Team Photo!

Here's an awesome team photo taken at the Training Day by Stuart Tomlinson from Warrior Collective; Stuart was on hand all day taking photos and videos and is making a Combat Base documentary, so watch this space!