Monday, 31 March 2008

You know the old saying.....................

Bolton Open SW Championships - March 8th, 2008

Got sent this report from my mate Chris Heath of AAC and FORMA UK.......

Catch Wrestling for the Next Generation

Clubs from across the North west of England and North Wales gathered at the Academy of Applied Combat on Saturday the 8th March 2008, to compete for the Bolton Open Catch Wrestling Competition.

The event, jointly run with the Federation of Russian Martial Arts and Trevor Robert’s AAC, is part of a series of competitions and seminars aimed at restoring the style and techniques of Lancashire Catch Wrestling.

All of the bouts were fiercely fought by wrestlers from a variety of styles and back-grounds, but it was Bolton’s finest taking gold in all the weight categories, placing the AAC as the winning club.

Gray Mayanika took Gold in the Under 75Kg division, with Steve Wiggans doing the same for the Under 87Kg, middleweight category and Gareth Corran, the AAC heavy-weight grappler, obtaining Gold following a knockout of one of his opponents in the Over 97Kg division.

All the wrestlers competing trained and worked hard to achieve the grap-pling standard shown on the day.

Gold medalists, Gareth Corran and Steve Wiggans are pictured along with Trevor Roberts, owner of the AAC and Head Coach. The next Submission Wrestling Competition will be held at the Spa Road Gym on Saturday the 27th of September.

If you would like to know more about the event or any of the classes at the AAC then contact 01204 380727/380725 or visit the Anyone wishing to know more about the work of the Federation of Russian Martial Arts UK should visit the for contact information.

Bolton Catch Open Full Results

U75Kg GOLD: Gray Mayanika - AAC, SILVER: Bartolz Navrocki - AAC, BRONZE: Leigh Pollitt - Bangor

U87Kg GOLD: Steve Wiggans - AAC, SILVER: Gary Stalman - Bangor, BRONZE: Jack Hill - Bangor. Also Competing: D Navrocki - AAC, Sion Hughes - Bangor

O97Kg GOLD: Gareth Corran - AAC, SILVER: Ian Wright - Bangor, BRONZE: Craig Bennett - AAC. Also Competing John Pearson, Bangor.

Eddie Kone report at

Shinya Aoki vs Akira Kikuchi

Check out this CRAZY shit!!! and AND

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Eddie Kone session today!

An extremely big shout out to Eddie Kone, who made the trip up North today to take a guest session at the club, taking us through some of the jiu jitsu Eddie teaches day in, day out at his club in East London. Needless to say, I trust you all had as much fun as I did and learned some really slick moves, some of which have only been developed over the last few weeks, from the likes of Xande Ribeiro and Royler Gracie!

Also big shout out to Ian Butlin, who took time out of a busy fight preparation routine to call in with brother Andy and UFC veteran Ian Freeman, who is also preparing for his next fight, where he faces Paul Cahoon in Cage Rage 26 in May.

Eddie is one of the most technical guys around and I'm sure this afternoon proved that to you guys and I look forward in bringing Eddie back again in the not too distant future.

A few pix for now - usual report and galleries at OTM and Lockflow!
Also had the pleasure of hosting my first ever interview by candlelight with Eddie at La Tasca tapas bar after the session!!!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

ADCC 2001 - pix!

Can't believe it's 7 years ago since I was at this event!! Loads of pix in mi laptop that are just gathering dust so thought I'd share some with ya!!
I'll add more soon!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Smash the Junk Guard Pass!

Chris Haueter's famous guard pass!

Movie time at the weekend!

Took in a cracking film over the weekend, but couldn't help thinking I'd seen the lead actor somewhere before......................

Friday, 14 March 2008

Chris H report @

Chris Haueter @ Combat Base Pontefract!!

Arranged on 24 hrs notice, Darren managed to get Chris to take his no gi class last night; Chris is in the UK on a flying visit after touring South Africa and is in Scotland at the weekend cornering one of his guys in an MMA event. A good turn out considering the short notice and well received, covering work from the clinch and from a takedown attack, ending up with a fifteen minute roll with Chris - a walk in the park!! (For Chris!).

Report and pix at the usual places!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Caption competition!

OK folks, to kick start your week off, here's a little caption competition, the funniest one will win a copy of Roy Dean's latest DVD release - BJJ Seminars: Year One, still wrapped up nice and brand new from Roy himself. Take a look at the photo and come up with something amusing, it's that easy - what words of wisdom is the Burger King Assassin passing on to his fellow student???

Eddie Kone HL reel

Just to get you in the mood for Eddie's session at the club on the 30th of this month...............

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

U know what they say about size..............

Ben's been at the BK drive thru again........................

Pretty weird atmosphere at the UMA event last weekend........

Dunno about you, but it was RATHER warm and humid at the event don't ya think??

Darren and Helen @ Caged Steel last night!

Once again another technically sound class from the deadly Currie duo; report and pix gallery to follow soon on Lockflow and OTM.

Monday, 3 March 2008

New website

Check out a very good friend of mine's new website, Denis Martins, we met at ADCC 2001 and have been good friends ever since; Denis writes MMA and BJJ and worked for ADCC and contributes to many media outlets as well!