Monday, 14 March 2011

Omoplata session @ Team Fulinkazan!

Had an enjoyable Sunday session at my mate Spenna's new gym in Bradford, with Darren and Helen Currie taking a session covering the omoplata.

Darren took the class through a number of neat drills and entries into the submission, as well as ways of tightening up the submission, emphasising control of the elbow.

A number of flow drills followed and specifics and rolling from omoplata position ended the session, which was well attended and well received. Really nice to get out supporting fellow Combat Base gyms, making new friends and having fun!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Purple haze!

Another awesome Open Mat session today at the club, with a new club joining in the fun today. Dave Minto and Vic Scott, from my good friend Steve Campbell's gym in Manchester, came down and trained with the regulars and Vic brought a friend along, a huge 19 stone Judoka 4th Dan and ex British squad player by the name of Jo, which made for fun and games for the afternoon.

In total there were five purple belts and two blue belts on the the mats(white belt heaven ;)) representing Team Sukata, Stealth BJJ and Fighting Fit Labs, not bad for a small club. The level of talent was second to none and everyone benefitted from all the years of experience from the senior grades, great training all round and long may this continue!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Eddie Kone BJJ App!!

My good friend Eddie Kone takes his teaching to a new level, with the release of an iPhone/Android application for BJJ; so wherever you are in the world, should you find yourslef unable to train, just log on to the internet and let Eddie guide you through the world of jiu jitsu techniques and application. Here's the official press release:-


Eddie Kone (Royler Gracie black belt) and Atama Europe release BJJ App

Eddie Kone, Royler Gracie’s only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in Europe has teamed up with martial arts manufacturer Atama Kimonos Europe to bring you an innovative iPhone/Android application for competition tested Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques.

The application entitled “Beyond Blue Belt” will be an in-depth insight into specific positions within BJJ and this is the first volume of 6 which has been filmed, directed and edited by Award winning directors the Shamisson brothers (Paul Shamission). “Volume 1” will cover all aspects of the mount position (Top and Bottom) and will include “Attacks, counters and escapes”.

The App will be available from the end of March 2011 in the Apple i-store and the Android Market. Apps will be priced between £2.99 to £4.99

More information here:

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Competition time again!!

A great turn out to coincide with the competition training that is under way at the club, as we prepare for battle over the next few months; the Hereford Open 7 and the British Open are in our sights and I will be leading from the front, competing in both events, as well as coaching a number of my white belts at the British Open.

I will be keeping regular updates on here as I prepare for the events, sharing my thoughts and ramblings and after the events, as well as providing post match analysis on all my matches, good and bad.

Started off last night with a series of takedowns that all work in tandem with each other, if you miss one you can switch to the next one and the other and these were drilled for most of the evening; butterfly guard sweeps and specific training from this position concluded the BJJ session and the MMA class covered the same butterfly guard, albeit with the adjustments necessary to make it work no gi.

Looking forward to the next few months, everyone will be pushed to their limits, whether they compete or not, as everyone improves as we train hard for competition and that's what it's all about, improving your game and skills!

Jiu Jitsu Style Reprezentz!

Received a few gi patches from the powers that be at Jiu Jitsu Style magazine (thanks Callum :)) and have dutifully sewn them onto a few of my gi's, in readiment of my upcoming competitions over the next few months, where I will be mixing it up once again with the cream of the UK senior players.

Let battle commence!