Friday, 9 May 2014

Gary Spiers!

Had the privilege of attending a seminar with the late great Gary Spiers in Urmston back in October 1996; the guy was a treasure trove of information and had many, many tales of fighting and shenanigans from all over the world, as well as tales from his day in Japan. He took time to sign one of my copies of FAI and I had my photo taken with him, I look like a  proper chump, camera caught me at the wrong time lol

Prior to the seminar, Gary had a fall from a motorbike and had his leg in plaster but made the seminar anyway.  A real warrior. RIP. 


chris L said...

Hi mate my name is chris Lawton, I was one of Gary's spiers instructors and was on that course with gary , I have a few DVDs and a interview with him if you would like me to send them , cheers , contact me on , thanks Chris

chris L said...


TFP said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for the message and I'd love a copy of the DVD, that would be awesome, I'll email you now!