Monday, 28 July 2014

Rickson Gracie speaks to Budo Jake!

Four videos of pure Jiu Jitsu gold from the living legend that is Rickson Gracie, courtesy of BJJEE; speaking to Budo Jake on This Week in BJJ, Rickson discusses what invisible Jiu Jitsu is, his newly formed Federation and some tips to help you become a better fighter, be it sport Jiu Jitsu or street Jiu Jitsu.

Rickson speaks about one of the most basic moves, the upa and shows one adjustment to the technique that I'm sure every Jiu Jitsu guy on the planet will be drilling and trying out in sparring, the millisecond after watching the video.

When Rickson speaks, we listen.

Sadly the scissor sweep segment is missing, to which I am truly wounded, as many of you know that's my all time favourite sweep; let's hope it surfaces sometime soon.

Watch and learn!

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