Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What's good for Wal-Mart............ (Post #700)

Is good for Sports Direct!

You must have seen these individuals.

Sporting the most basic of Tapout designs, purchased for under a tenner from SD, strutting down the street; the complete epitomy of some one who has NEVER set foot in a cage or on a mat and clocked up any training time in their miserable lives.

Not a cauliflower ear in sight, beer and kebab juice down the front of their tops at the weekend on a night out, trying to muscle their way in to a pub or club, thinking that when a doorman espies the Tapout logo, that universal logo of bad ass-ery that now prevails in the modern day, said doorman will become weak at the knees and allow them swift ingress to their venue, for fear of a brutal takedown to ground and pound.

Trying hard to stifle the giggles as the doorman knocks the guy back, the knocked back bad ass spouts off at the doorman about how he's a 'UFC/cage/MMA fighter' and how he'll kick your ass fifty different ways, albeit from the safety of standing across the road, or as he walks off to the next venue, shadow boxing in between bouts of shouting.

Little does this one hit wonder realise that the doorman he's just abused, carries the night time radio and radios ahead to all the venues on the strip, informing them of the approaching Doom Merchant and steps back and watches the guy get knocked back from every venue, leaving him no choice to hail a cab, go back home and beat one out to UFC 1.

I love my job!

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