Friday, 5 September 2014

Triangle Athletics represents!

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world is very small, everybody knows everybody; in this digital age, it's easy to make friends with fellow gi addicts all around the world, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter bombarding you with like minded people they think you'll like or add.

I'm always making new BJJ friends and the other week, I made friends with Desi Saran from across the pond in New York via Twitter and Facebook; Desi is the owner and operator of Triangle Athletics and Desi was kind enough to send me over some stickers and a patch, which will be sewn onto a gi over the weekend.
Cool patch!
In Desi's words, 'I started my company in January 2014 because I love BJJ.  I got into kimonos over the past year and to me being able to express myself through design is an excellent way to contribute to the BJJ community.  My aim is to provide high quality gear, with clear design. I value my company and more importantly my customers.'

Best of luck Desi and thanks for the patch!


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