Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kinesiotape update!

After a much needed deep tissue massage last week, regular readers will be aware I had my first taping session last week; the aim of the treatment is to create space by lifting up my skin, which in turn lifts up the fascia and muscle and allows blood to flow into the space.  My lower back is so tight that there is no curve there and by creating space, blood can flow into the space, making it softer and easier to massage at my next session.

Once the tape is applied, there should be a natural bobble to it, which was absent last week, such was the tightness of my poor back; however, my therapist and I are really happy with the progress that has come from using the tape.  The skin is soft and supple and will respond much better to deep tissue massage and I am able to do my job at the weekend without needing a handful of painkillers.

I've had a slightly different taping to the last one, targetting one section of my lower back that is the most tightest in a bid to create space and get more blood flow into the area.  The erector spinae muscles have been taped again and I am looking forward to another weekend where I don't have to reach for the tablets.

Massive thanks to Sanna for the ongoing treatment, I will keep you posted on further treatment; anyone thinking of using Kinesiotape in their rehab, I give this treatment a massive thumbs up - give it a go!

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