Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cartwheels - not just for the playground!!

When was the last time you did a cartwheel in training?

In the playground? 

For many, the playground will have been the last time a cartwheel was carried out, but now in class, you find yourself having to do one in the warm up.

After a half arsed attempt and being laughed at from fellow students (who aren't much better, to be honest) you manage to get in two at the very least, taking as much time as possible to walk back to the end of the mats, desperately hoping not to go down the mat again.

Sounds familiar?

As a coach, especially after a bad day, I get my students to do cartwheels, just for my own amusement; whenever I ask for cartwheels, they are always accompanied by groans from the lads and many times they ask, 'what's the point of cartwheels?'

Well, watch this video and you'll see the cartwheel is your friend - they're not just for kids!

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