Thursday, 10 April 2008

Team Mirza BJJ

News in from my good friend out in Jordan, Middle East, black belt Zaid Mirza.....

Zaid Mirza, Board Secretary of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Jordan and black belt under Cassio Werneck is welcoming another new progressive Training Center in the heart of Abdoun, Jordans prime location. Mirza's Brazilian JJ Academy consists of a 300 square meters of mat space and the first cage in the Middle East designed for MMA training. The power house also has a juice bar and includes BJJ, MMA, Submission Wrestling, Kickboxing, Judo and Pilates classes for women. Classes for kids also available for all modalities. Mirza's BJJ Academy is directed by Zaid Mirza and his team Black Belts Pedro Galiza and Jonatas Gurgel. With the help of brown belt Luiz Fernando Da Silva teaching the kids and kickboxing classes. The biggest team in the Middle East also promoted 40 students to Blue Belt level during the innauguration. "Bjj is growing very fast in the Middle East and particularly in Jordan. The Jordanian Federation is doing a great job in expanding the art across the nation. This year we plan to open 6 more academies in different parts of the country giving the entire population a chance to train the gentle-art", said the Jordanian Mirza radicated in Brazil. Mirza's BJJ Academy is now open and looking forward to greet new members.

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