Sunday, 13 July 2008

RIP Paul Gilligan

One of my students and a very good friend of mine Paul Gilligan was fatally stabbed last night in Bolton town centre, in the neck and heart.

Paul leaves a partner and 18 month old daughter behind and a huge gap in many people's lives, the guys at the club are devastated at the news, including myself, who should have been going for a pint with him this afternoon.

This weekend has seen over four stabbings in Bolton, when is this spineless Govt going to do ANYTHING to stop knife crime.

God bless ya Gilly, top lad, top student and close friend, you're gonna be sorely missed, training won't be the same now.

Gilly is pictured next to me on front row.

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leroy said...

RIP Gilly - a true character, loveable rogue and gentle giant.
You'll be sorely missed at the club - training just won't be the same.
Many condolences to your family and friends, especially your little ones.
A tragic loss of a good lad and top team-mate.

Glad to have shared laughs and trained with you fella.