Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Capital Challenge International, Amman, Jordan Dec 19-20th 2008

Back from a wicked week in Amman, thanks to the very generous hospitality from Zaid Mirza and the BJJ Federation of Jordan - new friends have been made from Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and many other BJJ mad countries in the Middle East! Got plenty photos and will be posting up a few articles all about my experiences from the Middle East.

Enjoy the pix - a group picci post training, Zaid Mirza and Carlos Santos, Tiago Alves and Adriano Silva and Alexandre Esteves with my good self!


Yasmin said...
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Yasmin said...

looking forward to the rest of your reports% pics :)

TFP said...

Hey Yasmin

I sent a report to OTM website!