Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Joao Crus Side Control - DVD review

Joao Crus Side Control DVD review

As far as reviews go, this one will be short and sweet owing to the nature of the DVD, or more to the point, the title gives the purchaser a clear indication of what they are going to receive in line of instruction.

Joao Crus’s latest offering to the world of instructional DVD’s, covers an area known to all groundfighting guys, the side control position. The DVD contains twenty seven chapters covering an array of submissions, defences and escapes; the DVD begins from kuzure kesagatame position and from there, Joao demonstrates a sequence of submissions that include:-

• Arm bar
• Reverser kimura
• Far arm kimura
• Far arm waki gatame

Joao then switches to kesagatame position and gives a brief over view of the above submissions, showing that they can be applied from the kesa position together with a few extra submissions for good measure.

Reverting back to the kuzure kesa position Joao demonstrates a number of neat and easy to apply submissions that include:-

• Lapel chokes (using opponents lapel and your own lapel)
• Quick arm bar from knee on belly
• Counter to defence of above technique
• Step over choke
• Various lapel chokes and defences
• Reverse kimura and options
• Omoplata and options
• Crucifix
• Triangles
• Arm bars
• Escapes from side control

The DVD offers the BJJ player a wide range of attacks, defences and counters and acts as a great reference tool for both students and instructors alike; the techniques are explained clearly and in detail and all techniques can easily be assimilated into your current game, giving you yet another excuse to hit the mats and drill out!

More info can be found at www.joaocrusbjj.com

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