Monday, 28 June 2010

IBJJF Referee Course!

Had a great day in London on the referee course and now have the all important piece of paper, am now a certified IBJJF referee. Over 30 BJJ athletes and coaches attended the course, giving up their time on the hottest day of the year, as Alvaro Mansor took us through the rules and regulations of IBJJF competitions.

Looking forward to reffing even more, with a greater understanding of the rules; full marks to the guys at Champ Camp for sorting the course out!


Meerkatsu said...

Very important - did the course cover the tricky issue of competitors trying to bribe you in the event of a non-scoring know, just handy to know in case you ref one of my fights, ahem.

Props to you for your dedication to the cause and completing the course. See you on the tournament circuit!

TFP said...

The tricky issue was covered Seymour, we accept ALL bribes lol