Monday, 18 April 2011

Eddie Kone seminar report!

My latest report is now online, courtesy of the thoroughly nice chaps at BJJ on the other side of the pond in the US of A. Be sure to read the report and sign up to the weekly newsletter, which is brimming with all things BJJ and is delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. Can't think of a finer way to start the week :)


The Count of Monte Fisto said...

I’m putting together a website for Carlson Gracie Team Chicago. When I told Carlson Jr. that a blogger from England had a picture of his Mom on his blog, he thought it was funny so I put the pic in a folder on the web page with a link to your blog. If you’d rather I took it down, I understand. I looked for your e-mail to try and e-mail you this but its late and I’m slower than normal.

Have a nice day.

TFP said...

Hey there Count

Please keep the photo and link on your website; I am very good friends with the Carlson guys in London, if you look in my archives you will see a report I made when I visted their London academy.


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