Monday, 19 September 2011

Hereford Open 9!

After a super seminar with Billy Robinson on Saturday, I drove down to Hereford in the evening and stayed over with event organiser and good friend Dave Coles, for an early night, in readiment to referee on the Sunday.

Sharing the house with Pippa Granger and Oli Geddes, much fun was made of my attempts to blow up the inflatable bed, which deflated during the night, leaving my to sleep on the floor, which has to be said, did my back a world of good :)

Up bright and early the next day and headed down to Hereford Leisure Centre and spent the day refereeing and catching up with friends and Gareth Dummer from Tatami, who supplied me with much needed rash guards and shorts, cheers dude!

The level of skill at the event was on top form, from juniors and seniors, male and female and thankfully no serious injuries on the day; big shouts to Dave Coles for letting me ref, Oli, Pippa, Simon Small, Kevin Cox, Callum Medcraft, Kev Capel, Neil Simkin, Richard Shore, Stacey Davies and everyone else I talked to on the day.

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