Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu adventures in Serbia!

On the strength of two private messages between fellow EFN ( )forum user Guillame Huni (username PinoyBJJ) and myself, a long weekend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Belgrade, Serbia, awaits my good self next weekend, commencing November 18th.

This is one of the reasons why I love BJJ so much; the fact that you can have a chat with another BJJ'er, who are total strangers at first, in another part of the world and in next to no time, you are to be their guest in their country and get to train jiu jitsu. Simple as that!

I will be training with the Carlson Gracie guys out in Belgrade, training with Team Zerjal over the weekend and if that isn't enough to make a little bit of wee leak out, it just so happens that the Serbian BJJ Open is taking place on the same weekend! Surely the BJJ Gods have well and truly lined up the stars for this little weekend away.

The flight ticket is booked and a trendy and comfortable apartment for the weekend awaits, so watch this space for photos and an update on the event and my time training with the Carlson warriors of Belgrade.

In addition, I will be covering the competition for Jiu Jitsu Style magazine, as well as news and interviews and photos galore for both the magazine and usual internet outlets.

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