Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monster Monday @ Chokdee, York

I like a challenge in my training, it keeps you motivated and makes training more enjoyable; last night I had the chance to challenge myself with the Monster Monday class, held at Chokdee Academy in York, which is run by Rich Cadden.  The club is associated with Combat Base UK and I was invited over to take the BJJ class, as regular coach, Danny Mitchell was unable to attend.

The Chokdee posse
The first session in the Monster line up was a skipping and conditioning class and has been reduced to thirty minutes, as the one hour session was killing the guys off; thank God I missed the one hour sessions!  The session compprises of two minute rounds of skipping, then two laps round the mats and a selection of exercises that increased by one after each round.  At the end of thirty minutes you are well and truly warmed up, trust me.

Roy Dean's famously quotes 'discover who you are' in his DVD's and last night I discovered I have zero co ordination whilst skipping.  Normal skipping I'm fine with, until Rich added star jumps whilst skipping, leg shuffles (going back and forth) and a host of other techniques, that ensured my toes were livid red at the end of the class.

The next class was Thai boxing and after a quick warm up, we went through a number of padwork combos, that were easy on the co ordination and Rich was on hand to offer me some tips and pointers on my stand up.  Great fun.

The last session was BJJ and I took the class through a number of warm up dills that I have been using at the gym this year, that help movement and transitions and linked these moves to a number of match winning choke submissions and by 10pm, the Monster Monday session was at an end.

Another challenge undertaken and completed and a proud member of the Monster Monday Club.

I wonder what the next challenge is going to be??

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