Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New goodies from Tatami!

Those good old boys at Tatami HQ sent me a goodies package which arrived today; three summer tees and a grappling tshirt to be exact.  The grappling t shirt is a most welcome addition to my kit during the warm weather, as all my long sleeve rash guards bake me after ten minutes of wearing them.

I wore the grappling tshirt at class tonight at KP Centre in Heywood and I recommend this garment whole heartedly; the top withstood the rigours of a tough BJJ session and rounds of rolling both with gi and no gi.  After class, my gi was way less soaked with sweat and I was a lot dryer than normal, so full marks all round.  I ordered large in all tshirts and they fit nice and snug, so I'll be cutting a dashing figure when I'm out walking the mean streets of Bolton this week.


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