Tuesday, 16 October 2012

UAE Jiu Jitsu Asian Cup

Looking forward to three glorious days of gi and no gi jiu jitsu competition, commencing Thursday 18th October in Abu Dhabi; the first day is jiu jitsu competition between all the schools who are involved in the School Jiu Jitsu Programme.  Day two is no gi competition and the last day on Saturday sees gi action from white to black belt.

Seven mats are running throughout the event and I have been told the event is very much like the WPJJC event, held out in Abu Dhabi every April and the event will be going out live on National television; I will be involved behind the scenes on Thursday as one of the bracket managers at the scales, dare say that will be the same Friday and Saturday.

Really looking forward to being a part of the competition and of course, you can read all about it here :)

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