Friday, 16 November 2012

Training pix

 Had a very busy session on Wednesday evening, twenty five black belts on the mats for the Open Mat session, including three stripe black belt Dani Piermatei and blue belt Jude Abadi, who had travelled from Abu Dhabi to join in the fun.
Al Ain BJJ in da house!
The Open Mat sessions get better every week, starting off with one minute rounds of drills, which is a good time for me to look round and see what the black belts are doing with their time.  Pretty much the same as my time, basic arm bar from guard, omoplata and triangle set ups, Andre Galvao transition drills, open guard drills and lots more.

After ten minutes warming up, it's straight into specific training; guard passing, first to score scenarios, finishing from mount, finishing from back position and then a few rounds of rolling to really finish us all off.
MMA room with Dani (back left) and Jude and with Polonio and Marcio
After the Open Mat, the regular session starts and you can either join in or go in to the MMA room and carry on rolling; I went into the MMA room with Polonio, Eduardo, Jude and Danni and had an extra thirty minutes rolling and got some more great tips from Polonio, the guy is a mine of information, with a great sense of humour as well.
Mr Smooth :)
Interviews are in process, I aim to get all the black belts interviewed over the coming months; I have a number of questions I ask each individual, I like to hear their views on  a number of issues that are relevant to all belt colours, so keep on reading the Blog :)
Clowning around :)
Once again, another awesome session, enjoying the cooler nights, but still losing half my bodyweight in sweat and tears; really excited about the interviews, it will be a great insight into the mind of a black belt from so many different academies, be nice to see differences and similarities in their approaches to training and competition and lots more, so stay tuned!


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