Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Garage T-shirt!

Perfect timing.
Combat Base chief instructor Chris Haueter, one twelfth of the infamous Dirty Dozen, is in the UK for a brief seminar tour and kicks off tonight with a seminar at Factory BJJ in Reddish. 
A few weeks ago, one of Chris's purple belts emailed me, asking if I had any of my club patches left, as he liked the design and wanted one for his gi.  I had a few left and sent them over the pond and in return, he sent me over a couple of tshirts, one of them being The Garage t-shirt.
The Garage refers to Chris's legendary training area at his house in Redondo Beach in Los Angeles and the t-shirts arrived last week, all in good time for the seminar tonight.
Photos and seminar report will follow; really excited and looking forward to sharing the mats with a real legend.

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