Monday, 3 February 2014

New Purple Belt @ Combat Base Bolton!

Yesterday was an extremely proud day for myself as a coach, as well as a very emotional one; at the end of the seminar Darren and Helen promoted Lee 'Demolition Man' James to purple belt, making him the first purple belt for Combat Base Bolton.

Many other blue belts have been in line for this belt at the club, only for them to move to pastures new or stop training for good, something that happens at every jiu jitsu club. Lee was given an iron man at the end of the seminar and after rolling with all the blue belts, Lee had to face Helen for one last roll whilst blindfolded.  As he was rolling with Helen, Darren and myself managed to get the purple belt tied around his waist, as Lee carried on rolling oblivious to what was happening.

The look on his face when he realised what was around his waist was priceless! 

In front of all of his training partners from Bolton and Heywood, this was a fitting way to get promoted; on the mats with the very people who have pushed him week in week out, helping him prepare for competition against some serious talent and giving him a hard time every session.  This was a real team effort from all concerned, not just with Lee, but with all the other promoted students; having good training partners you can drill and spar with is half the job done, the rest is down to hard work, discipline, commitment and most of all, showing up to class!
Lee with his Heywood based training partner, Ed 'The Snake' Kelly
It's fair to say that Lee is still in shock as I type this report and rightly so; I remember receiving my purple belt, it was a shock when it happened and I couldn't stop shaking when the belt was around my waist.  Purple belt is a big belt and the phrase 'must smash' will no doubt be echoing around his head - time to step up a gear or three!

HUGE congratulations to Lee on such a joyous and momentous occasion for himself, as well as an historic occasion for the club; we've already spoke together and Lee is itching to compete in the Ultra Heavy weight bracket.

So beware all you purple Ultra Heavies - there's a new beast in town!

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