Monday, 19 January 2015

Dave Coles responds to the BJA/BJJUKA merger!

My very good friend Dave Coles has posted online a well researched piece concerning the recent merger with the BJA and newly appointed body the BJJUKA, headed by Judo 6th Dan Ray Stevens.

This merger has caused shock waves within the UK BJJ community, especially with the people involved in the UKBJJA, which is on track to becoming the UK's main Governing Body for BJJ and as such, has the full backing of the UK BJJ community.
Reffing at the Hereford Open 9 with Kevin Cox (r) and Dave Coles (centre)
Naming the new association the BJJUKA, one can clearly see potential confusion in recognising both groups and it was pointed out online that even Ray Stevens got the name of his group wrong in a recent tweet and called his group the UKBJJA!!
Ray Stevens posting online and getting it wrong!
As Dave rightly concludes in his article, the BJA are fifteen years too late.

Show your support and join the UKBJJA now!

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