Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mineiro at Checkmat Wimbledon!

After the lunch time class yesterday with Mineiro, we headed off to a cafe for some much needed refuelling and chilled out for a few hours, before taking Mineiro over to Wimbledon, where he was taking the class.

The mats were packed with a superb turnout and after a quick intorduction from Mineiro the class commenced; the class started with the usual specific warm up, lots of running round, breakfalls, shrimping, technical get ups and then we were drilled to death!

Mineiro showed a sequence of drills that were all linked together and in pairs, each person practiced for two minutes each before changing and changing partners after each round.  Guard passing and guard retention drills were practiced and although two minutes doesn't sound a long time, when you are constantly moving around on the mats, you soon feel the burn in the abs and the sweat starts to flow.  Big time.

The session finished with six three minute rounds of passing the guard to knee ride, but with your hands in the belt on the bottom and one hand behind the back on top.  The guys on top stayed on top for three rounds, then on the bottom for three rounds; lots of fun all round and plenty of knees and feet in the abs, ribs and unmentionables.  This specific training is a great way to develop balance and timing makes you work hard on changing the angle to execute a successful guard pass.

By now the gym was a haze of hard work and perspiration, all the windows were steamed up and everyone's gi's were soaking wet, solid hard work from everyone.  Everyone enjoyed the session, I received great feedback from the students and I'm sure Mineiro will be back again real soon.


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