Monday, 7 March 2016

Aldo calls out Mc Gregor - on Facebook!

In the oh so macho world of MMA, it's nice to see fighters making the most of social media outlets and calling each other out to fight; what happened to the good old call out in the Octagon, full of posturing, peacocking and profanities? 
Plenty of the middle finger too don't forget, cap on backwards, givin' it the gangstah swaggah and all that. Real macho shit going down.
For Jose Aldo however (assuming it really is Aldo and not some phantom keyboard warrior), he let his fingers do the typing and came out with this call out cry:-
‘Conor McGregor I’ll see you at ‪#‎UFC200‬, your Cinderella fantasy is over. Nowhere to run to now- you’re gonna have to give me my rematch, you pussy!!’
Mc Gregor, consider yourself called out dude, what's your next move??

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