Tuesday, 5 October 2010

De La Riva, Copacabana

Hit the road yesterday with three other BJJ addicts from the house, Igor, Mike and Sebastian, to take part in two training sessions at two seperate academies in Copacabana; we took the 557 bus into Copacabana and there's no better way to develop your balance and base than standing up on the buses out here, these guys drive at one speed, breackneck! Once we steadied our nerves and reduced our heart rates after the bus ride, we walked to the Equipe 1 Fitness Gym, where De La Riva academy is based and joined in the 4pm class. My good friend, black belt Nick Brooks told me to drop his name in at the door and we were welcomed like long lost friends from Kell and all the guys at the gym. It's always good to drop a name in when you're visiting a new academy for the first time. The class was packed with 30 students, eight black belts watching over us all as we drilled out some nice moves from side control and then it was on to the free training. My first roll was with a huge dude called Peck and for a big guy he was lightning fast and tapped me out time and time again, albeit with a smile on his face, great fun and a fine start to the training. Second on the list was an American black belt Dave Hudson and we had a really good roll as well, enjoying every second, with a sprinkling of tap outs for good measure from yours truly. Third roll of the class was with a young brown belt, carved from granite and I had a real fight on my hands with this guy. He rolled hard and fast and I was on my toes all through the fight so I didn't injured at such a late stage into my trip and survived the round intact. Final roll was with a purple belt a good few years older than me and was a strong as an ox and very very fast; he felt like a Judo player and had the ears to show for it and we went at it back and forth, all smiles and laughter from the two of us and that drew the training to an end.

I can recommend De La Riva 100%, they are the most friendliest and approachable guys you could ever wish to meet and it's a shame I have to leave in a few days, else I would have trained there again. If you are in the area, make sure you drop in, we didnt have to pay for the class either, which was a very nice gesture too.

After training we changed out of our drenched gis and headed for a juice bar for a quick refuel and it was onwards to the Carlson Gracie gym a few blocks away, for the 7pm class, more of which will follow.........

Address:- Equipe 1 Academia, 702 Avenida Nossa Senora, Copacabana

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