Monday, 25 October 2010

MMA hits Jersey!

Had a brilliant weekend in one of my favourite places in the world, a sunny and warm St Helier, Jersey, as I was on refereeing duties for the Rumble on the Rock MMA event. Jersey holds a special place in my heart, as I received my blue belt from Mauricao Gomes way back in 2003 and over the years I have returned to cover BJJ seminars held by Mauricao and Braulio Estima, held at Gracie Barra Channel Islands in Jersey, run by my very good friend Rob Staples and in 2007, I was part of BJJ history, when Braulio held the first ever BJJ seminar in Guernsey, at Chris Goldsbrough's academy,who was recently awarded his brown belt from Braulio, well done Chris!

This was the first time for pro MMA fights on the island and old school MMA fighter Dave Mclaughlin topped the bill and won in fine style, pulling off a rolling heel hook, which was bravely defended against by his opponent Richard Taylor, but in the end fell foul of a figure four toe hold.

Rob and myslef shared the reffing duties and I really enjoyed a break from the norm of reffing BJJ and no gi comps and look forward to reffing more MMA events in the future; anyone interested in hiring my good self for reffing duties email me at

Pictures courtesy of Colin Cruickshank and more photos from the event can be found on his website


slideyfoot said...

Out of interest, does that Jersey MMA event ever get confused for the one in Hawaii, which I think has the same name? Or does it not matter, because they're in completely different places?

TFP said...

Don't know mate tbh