Monday, 17 January 2011

Saturday Open Mat!

Only in the second week of weekly open mats at the club and had five clubs representing for a great afternoon's training.

Had the pleasure of meeting Hanif Rehman who posts on the EFN forum, together with my lads from Bolton, Runcorn and Accrington, as well as my very good friends from EKBJJ in Rotherham, in what has now turned out be a monthly occurence by the lads.

Ended up finishing way over an hour after regular time and all the lads had a great time, for some of them it was their first time in a cage and others gained much needed cage experience as they prepare for MMA fights.

Thanks to all the lads for coming over and as I have said before, the invite is open to everyone in the UK and beyond the facilities are there for everyone to share at the open mat and I look forward to bringing over many other well known and not so well known faces throught 2011.

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