Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Scissor sweep seminar - Part Two!

After the highly successful and well received scissor sweep seminar, held at Ng Gar Tien in Runcorn back in June, husband and wife black belt duo Darren and Helen Currie return to Combat Base Bolton on Sunday October 16th.

The seminar will be a continuation of the June seminar and will start with a quick review of the sweep itself and then cover ways to counter the sweep and pass the guard.

The scissor sweep is my all time favourite sweep; I used to train this sweep way back in the early 90's in my Trad JJ days and when BJJ came along in the late 90's I'd had a good few years' practice and it has served me well in my no gi and gi comps since 1999.

We have been very lucky at the club to have had Darren and Helen a number of times this year, so once again this a great chance to meet up with your head coaches and spend a fine afternoon covering one piece of the jigsaw with a fine toothcomb.

Seminar starts at 1pm - see you on the mats :)

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