Sunday, 29 April 2012

Attack the back seminar @ NGT Runcorn!

Had a most enjoyable afternoon, training with fellow Combat Base members and christening Ng Gar Tien Combat Base's new full time premises, with a seminar from Darren and Helen Currie.  The topic of the day was attacking the back and after one of Helen's legendary warm ups the fun began.

Group photo
The seminar started with Darren showing a number of gi chokes, once you've secured the back control and are in position to submit; once everyone was comfortable with these submissions, Darren then showed ways to take the back from various positions, both from the top and the bottom, starting with the more recognisable ways, before finishing with a few HL reel moves.

As ever, a superb seminar and great to see so many different Combat Base clubs on the same mat, supporting the event for Mike Ng and Russ Gates and all the lads at Ng Gar Tien.

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