Monday, 4 March 2013

No Gi session @ Salford MMA!

Enjoyed a great session tonight at Salford MMA, with thanks to my very good friend Darren Sherlock for inviting me back; after a quick warm up, I went over the Galvao side control drills and added a few new drills from the Mendes brothers.
Once fully warmed up, I went over three high percentage guard passes, one from the old school days, when I used to train at Atherton Submission with Jack Mountford and Darren Morris.
Team photo
After this, I showed two guard passes that where shown to me by Gordo black belt Jeremey Arel, in Rio in 2010, when he was a brown belt and I was a purple belt and I have been using them ever since.
The session ended with me showing a few pointers on finishing the keylock submission, which I picked up from my time in Abu Dhabi.  Huge thanks to Darren for inviting me back to the gym to share the knowledge and to all the students for turning up, look forward to coming back real soon :)

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