Sunday, 3 March 2013

Seminar @ Voodoo, Macclesfield

Spent a highly enjoyable afternoon training jiu jitsu, thanks to Darren and Helen Currie, who were at Dave Kari's gym in Macclesfield.  After one of Helen's infamous warm ups, Darren took the z guard position and gave it a thorough dissection.
Darren, Dave, YT and Helen
Darren started off by showing ways of getting into the position and getting the position back, when your opponent starts to defend.  From an attempted knee over thigh guard pass postion, Darren showed one foolproof way of killing the pass attempt and from this position, a number of high percentage sweeps ended off the technical session.
To prove that the senior coaches are still in their prime, Helen, Darren and my good self engaged in a spot of Iron Man training; I was lucky enough to roll with all the heavy guys and boy were they strong and tough.  Never an easy ride, we rolled with all the guys for around thirty minutes before finally calling it a day and after a quick chat with Darren and Helen, Helen went onto to promote two students to blue belt.

Congrats to Andy Shield and Aggie 'Semtex' Drozdzik on their new blue belts!
Darren, Andy, Aggie and Helen
Thanks to Dave Kari for inviting me over and to Darren and Helen for a great day of jiu jitsu and to Aggie, who cooked a mean chilli and rice, as well as a huge bowl of jelly babies, food of the Gods :)

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