Thursday, 28 February 2013

BJJ @ Fight Factory, Heywood!

It's business as usual at Fight Factory, Heywood, where I am back teaching BJJ at Ken Richardson's awesome gym; Ken has an impressive number of coaches at the gym, including Thai coach Baz White, UFC star and very good friend of mine Tom Blackledge, teaching MMA, Ali Arish, current Cage Contender Welterweight champion, teaching wrestling and another very good friend of mine Ste Sharples is in charge of the boxing.  Quite a formidable coaching staff, if I say so myself.
Had a great dinnertime session today, teaching BJJ to the guys, showcasing as always, the Galvao side control drills and a couple of side control drills from the Mendes brothers, bringing Brazil to Heywood.  After that, I showed two high percentage guard passes that really pile on the pressure and leaves your opponent in a twisted mess and the passes were tailor made for MMA.  Pass the opponent's guard straight into a commanding top position, ready to finish the fight with some heavy G+P, as the opponent's arms are both pinned, leaving one hand free to rain down some heavy leather.
(Back l to r) Joel, Andy Devent and Ben Thompson.
 (front l to r) Tom, YT, K-Force and Baz White
Ken, Jason Jacques and Amir Ghasemi are fighting on March 16th at Full Contact Contender 5 at the Reebok in Bolton, Andy Devent is set to face Karl Noon at Cage Conflict on May 18th and Ben Thompson is set to fight on the GPUK event March 9th.  More fighters are set to enter the arena on future shows, more news on this as it happens.
Looking forward to help prepare all the lads for their upcoming fights and showcase Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the cage; I'll keep you all posted on events and more breaking news over the coming months, some very exciting things in the pipeline at Fight Factory!

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