Tuesday, 5 February 2013

No Gi class @ Salford MMA!

Was back on the road last night, taking a no gi class for my very good friend Darren Sherlock at Salford MMA in Swinton; introduced the guys and gals to the Andre Galvao side control drills and emphasised just how important these drills really are, whether you train in the gi or not.  Drilling these no gi, you move a little bit faster than in the gi, so are ideal for no gi players and after a good hour on the drills, everyone did timed rounds and used all the drills in combination.
With Darren and the posse
The session ended with an introduction to the Brabo, showing an entry into the technique from side control, when the opponent starts to feed an underhook, which linked into the side control drills, making it a little easier for everyone to pick up the technique.
Thanks to Darren for bringing me over last night and to all the students, who braved foul weather to join in the class.  See you soon guys!!

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