Sunday, 24 February 2013

On the road!

Had a very enjoyable afternoon in Coalville, Leicester this afternoon, taking a jiu jitsu class for my good frind Rob Phelps and his students.  Rob and his students are from a Trad JJ background, but Rob is an open minded martial artist and this was my second visit to see Rob and the gang.
After a quick warm up, I showed the group four side control transition drills that can be found in the excellent 'Drill to Win' book by Andre Galvao; this section took up quite some time, as I wanted to make sure that all the students were really comfortable with the drills before moving on.
After a short break, I covered the Brabo and Anaconda submissions and showed a number of ways into the Brabo from the sprawl and side control and a nifty Brabo/Anaconda combo, that really is a joy to teach and drill out.
I ended the session off with three pointers on sharpening up the kimura, which went down well and after a thorough cool down and stretching, I was back on the motorway, homeward bound.
Huge thanks to Rob for inviting me back to teach and to all the students who gave up their free time to join in the fun; look forward to returning back to Leicester real soon :)


Rob Phelps said...

I always enjoy working with Carl, he's got no discernible ego which makes him a great down to earth guy and easy to get along with. His delivery style is thorough and he's always more technical than I remember!
All the attendees had great time and one commented that he was still smiling 2 days later.

TFP said...

Thanks for the kind words Rob :) I myself always have a great time teaching you guys, forward thinking martial artists, look forward to seeing you guys soon :)