Saturday, 4 May 2013

BJJ class @ Lancaster Uni

Another great session tonight over at Lancaster Uni, taking the Friday evening session; the Society is in its infancy, so the first few classes were all no gi, whilst the guys saved up to buy gis.
Lancaster posse
Step forward the lovely human beings from Tatami Fightwear.  After speaking to Society President Philip Kaat, Tatami have sent over the first batch of gi's this week, so this evening was our first proper BJJ class.
Open guard sweep
After the usual warm up drills, I went over two high percentage sweeps and two high percentage lapel chokes, one from the mount and one from half guard.
Krishnan tastes the rainbow!
Rolling ended the session and it was handshakes all round, a really good session, with some great feedback from the students.  It's always nice to get positive feedback from the guys, makes all the hard work and sacrifices worthwhile.
Krishnan gets revenge!
Until next week guys :)

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