Thursday, 14 November 2013

Chris Haueter Seminar - Bradford!

Chris was on a whistle stop tour of the UK visiting a number of the Combat Base academies and I managed to get over to Bradford to Mark 'Spenna' Spencer's gym on Sunday October 27th.  Mourning the passing of the legendary Rimmers, that used to be a hop, skip and a mince away from Spenna's gym, I negotiated the four flights of steps to reach his sky high gym.
The seminar was already under way and it was the same as the session I attended on the Thursday over at Factory and I was lucky enough to be there when he explained the In Stroke Theory to the attendees, which went down a treat.
Shouts out to Darren and Helen Currie, Spenna, Rich Cadden, Roberto Barbiero  and Aggie Drozdzik who were all at the seminar, who I managed to speak to during the seminar, was really nice to catch up with you all.

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