Friday, 29 November 2013

Jeff Glover!!

A few weeks ago I received an email from Jamico Elder, one of Chris Haueter's students at The Garage in LA, asking me for one of my old Combat Base Bolton patches, as it contained some artwork that was on one of Chris's t shirts and he wanted one for his new gi.
The club patches were designed by my right hand man Ben Ogunby and I had none left so I did the next best thing and took the patch off my gi and shipped it over and in return, Jay sent me a couple of cool t-shirts that Chris had recently designed.
What Jay didn't tell me was that after a training session with the legend that is Jeff Glover, both Jay and Jeff posed for a few photos at The Garage with my patch in hand, as did Chris Haueter. 
Jay emailed me the photos as a little surprise, which really brightened up my day; Jeff Glover with my club patch in his hand!!!!

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