Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Professor Trevor Roberts!

Most people know I'm old.

Well my students constantly remind me of this fact, when I start to reminisce about my days as a BJJ white belt.  They think it's all black and white or sepia tinted back then; when ever I talk about my days in Traditional Jiu Jitsu, they just look at me with a vacant look in their eyes, unable to comprehend the distance in time I'm talking about.

Back in the mists of time, I graded up to 2nd Dan in Applied Jiu Jitsu in 1999 and my instructor was none other than the legendary Professor Trevor Roberts, 8th Dan; during my time training with Trevor, I was working the doors and wanted to know if what I was training actually worked in live situations.  Full on pressure testing.

Sitting here now at the ripe old age of 43 years old is testament that the training and techniques have worked on many hairy occasions all around the Northwest and beyond, a huge testament to Trevor's expert tutelage and no nonsense techniques.  If anyone is interested in self defence training, please contact my good self and I'll pass your details onto Trevor himself.

In addition to the self defence training, Trevor introduced me into the world of grappling competitions, specifically Sambo and Shiai Jitsu (full contact sparring, think amateur MMA) and I met the likes of Matthew Clempner, Alan Carlisle, Steve Crutchley, Darren Morris, Jack Mountford, Shane Rigby, Dave Barry and many more legends on the Northern grappling circuit.

My life was to change immeasurably after training in the grappling arts and I have Trevor to thank for opening my eyes into the world of submissions and competition; I still consider Trevor my mentor and he has given me much help and advice both on and off the mats over the years and last week I dropped in on Trevor's class with a few of my students and both our lads had a 'bit of a pull round the mats.'

It's something we'd spoke about on a few occasions and I was glad for it to finally materialise and all the lads had a great time, learning lots from each other and getting in some competition style training, prior to up coming comps on both sides. It's all well and good doing comp style training between the lads that regularly train together, but having a mini style interclub session is just like the real thing, minus all the other competitors and spectators.  Both sets of lads had no idea what to expect off each other, which is just the same as doing a big BJJ or No Gi comp, so with the first session over last week, tonight is my turn to host Trevor's lads at my gym.

Looking forward to another good night of wrasslin'................


Anonymous said...

Does the Jiu Jitsu practice by Trevor Roberts resemble BJJ in terms of ground grappling? Or would you sayn there is a large difference?

TFP said...

Some of Trevor's groundwork is recognisable as 'BJJ'; for example I learned the scissor sweep, Americana, Kimura and clock choke to name a few techniques, years before I started training BJJ in 1999.

What is known as omoplata in BJJ, I was doing in my Trad JJ, mainly from a self defence technique.

I learned the clock choke and bow and arrow from Trevor and my Judo coach in the ealry 90's again years before I started BJJ.

However, Trevor does not teach 50/50, Berimbolo and all the modern day BJJ techniques.

I learned lots from Trevor, including Catch, Sambo, Wrestling and Judo and they still keep me out of trouble today rolling with the young guns!!