Wednesday, 5 March 2014

RIP Billy Robinson

Very sad news the other day, as another grappling legend passed away on Monday; I had the honour of attending one of Billy's seminars in Stockport a couple of years ago and sharing the mat with one of my heroes was an amazing feeling.

Billy has taught the best of the best in the MMA business, such as Erik Pauslon, Sakuraba, and Josh Barnett to name a few and was teaching in the US in Arkansas when he passed away.

He will be missed by all in the catch wrestling fraternity, as well as all the other grappling arts, the loss of a catch legend is very sad, these fine old school experts of the grappling arts are few and far between these days and their skills and knowledge need to be recorded for prosperity and for future generations of up and coming grapplers, so they can read about the history of catch wrestling and of the pioneers who taught this art to the world.

RIP Billy.

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