Thursday, 4 June 2015

Happy Birthday Checkmat Wimbledon!

How time flies!

One year ago, Checkmat Wimbledon opened its doors for the very first time at Holistic Fitness Studios in Wimbledon town centre; one year on and the club has grown in numbers and some of the students have already tasted success in competition and are busy preparing for the Brighton Open later in July.

The club now has a solid of core of regular members, some of whom where present at the very first class last year and there have been many that have just dropped in for the odd session and a few people that have strayed from their secure units to sample the delights of the Arte Suave.

Huge thanks to Steve Dixon at Holistic Studios for all his help and continuing support down at the club and to my coach Luiz Ribeiro at London Fight Factory for all his help and guidance too.  Thanks to all the people I've met and rolled with at LFF and to my students at the club who turn up week in week out and support the club and keep it going.

Massive thanks also to my partner Emma for all her support and encouragement this past year, as well as supporting the lads when they compete and her sterling work as club photographer.

I've had a great time this past year building up a club from scratch and seeing all the hard work paying off with good regular numbers and winning medals at competitions and am really looking to the next twelve months and beyond.


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